The lovely people over at Popcorn Shed recently gifted me some of their gourmet popcorn so I could review it. Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks, so obviously I was thrilled to be getting some to try!

Popcorn Shed was founded by cousins Sam & Laura in their garden shed back in 2016. They state on their website:

Popcorn Shed is the UK’s first super-premium gourmet popcorn brand.  We incorporate TEXTURE into our popcorn through chunks of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, in order to maximise the taste of our popcorn and enhance ‘mouth feel’.  Our popcorn is the first UK popcorn brand to be packaged in beautiful popcorn ‘shed’ cartons, each with its own unique personality and theme.  Our shed cartons make fantastic use of colour and have great shelf presence.

They aren’t wrong – the packaging is bright and colourful. It’s very eye catching and I love the “shed” boxes.


I received a big box full of their different flavours (browse their range here). So I set about trying them all. The mini snack packs contain 24g of popcorn (around 120 calories if you are counting) and a pack of 16 will set you back just under £20.00. These snack packs are ideal size for popping in your lunch box as an alternative to crisps, they fit very nicely in my super grown up Pusheen lunchbox.


My favourite flavour was definitely ‘Say Cheese’. I LOVE cheese popcorn and this was really tasty. Some bagged popcorn can be a bit chewy and stale, but Popcorn Shed had a really nice texture and flavour. I don’t always like overly sweet things, but their sweet popcorns are also really nice. For example, the Salted Caramel wasn’t overpowering, it had the right balance of sweet to salt and was very tasty.

Each kernel had flavour and the popcorn was an absolute treat to eat.

My husband also tried the ‘Pop N Choc’ flavour. He isn’t usually a big fan of popcorn but commented on the nice flavour and fluffiness of the kernels!

This is high end popcorn – an 80g Shed will cost you £3.50 which feels pretty pricey, however this is really good popcorn, I feel like you are really getting what you pay for here. I will definitely be treating myself to large quantities of ‘Say Cheese’ and ‘Sweet Cheesus’ very soon!


The Popcorn Shed website also offers gift sets, like the Tasting Clubs. Starting at £35.00 for a 3 month subscription, you can get tasty popcorn delivered to your house every 4 weeks! They will get to be the first to try new flavours as well!

You can also check out some popcorn recipes on the website, using Popcorn Shed popcorn to make amazing treats like Pecan Pie Popcorn Smoothies and Salted Caramel Cupcakes. I will be having a go at one of the recipes with the other bags of popcorn very soon!


I really enjoyed the different flavours and yes I have eaten my weight in popcorn over the last few weeks.  I’d would like to thank Popcorn Shed for sending me a selection of popcorn to try in exchange for my honest review.

Do you like popcorn? Do you eat it as a snack or just for a movie night? Let me know below!


3 thoughts on “Gourmet Popcorn by Popcorn Shed – Review

  1. I love popcorn (sweet being my favourite), but I haven’t had chance to try out Popcorn Shed’s range yet. The salted caramel one would probably favourite.

  2. The packaging is brilliant, little ‘sheds’… I love that! 😀 I also really like how vibrant the bag colours are and the little key symbol on the logo! You can really tell that a lot of thought went into the design of the packaging, so I can imagine that a lot of thought has also gone into the flavours. I’ve always wanted to try some interesting popcorn flavours so I will definitely have to check out their website 🙂 It’s cool that they offer a subscription as well! Fantastic post as always lovely <3 x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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