Bella Italia, Blackpool – Review

Me and mum recently went away for a week together to Manchester and Blackpool, whilst in Blackpool, I got the chance to try Bella Italia’s gluten free menu.

Bella Italia now offer a gluten free menu alongside their regular menu – check that out here. They can also offer a gluten free vegetable based pasta as an alternative as well.

They have this to say about allergens:

Many of our recipes are are naturally gluten free, and we provide gluten free options for many of our pizza and pasta dishes. In addition to this we also offer spiralised vegetable spaghetti as an alternative to many of our pastas.

We provide a printed allergen menu in all our restaurants which details the more common allergens and which food items contain them. You can also filter our menu to show only those foods that you choose to eat.

We state when a dish contains the allergen as an ingredient. Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that our busy kitchens are completely free of allergens. Due to fryers being used for more than one product on the menu, there is a small risk of cross contamination of products that are deep fried.

Please do inform your waiter of any specific dietary requirements that you may have whilst ordering, and they will do their best to suggest the most appropriate dishes.


First up I had a lovely glass of Prosecco, followed by an equally lovely cocktail – Amalfi Kiss, which was basically Limencello and Prosecco!

The choice for us Coeliacs is pretty good, one of the better menu’s I’ve seen. I explained to our very lovely waitress that it needed to be gluten free and she was able to explain what I could have – the menu also has a very easy to read key which shows the gluten free items and what can be made gluten free. She also explained that they couldn’t guarantee no cross contamination. I like when staff are knowledgeable about gluten free – it makes you feel that bit safer.

So, for my starter I picked out a side dish, I didn’t really fancy any of the starters which did include gluten free garlic pizza bread, instead I went for basil mash, which I know is a very weird starter but I really like mash potato and I’d not had any for ages!


The mash was really lovely, smooth, buttery and creamy – very nice indeed!

For my main, I was torn between a few things, part of me wanted to try their gluten free pasta and there was a duck dish that sounded lovely. After much internal battling I eventually went for Gamberoni Risotto – risotto with king prawns, spring onions, peas, lemon, garlic and chilli.

I did pull out alot of the ‘garnish’ as I’m not really a fan.

This dish was very, very tasty, the risotto was cooked perfectly and the prawns were fat and juicy. I love risotto and I’m really glad I went for this dish in the end. It looked lovely on the plate and tasted superb! I would definitely recommend this dish.

For desert I decided to go with the gluten and dairy free cake – Morello Cioccalato – a gluten and dairy free chocolate cake with a rich cocoa topping and Morello cherry sauce.


Quite a few chain restaurants now offer a specifically gluten free desert which I think is brilliant – it really shows that they are trying to understand and provide for Coeliacs, making my life so much easier.

This cake was pretty nice, the chocolate was very rich though and had it not been covered in the most amazing morello cherry sauce, it would have been too rich and a little bitter, however the whole thing together was very nice.


The inside is very charming, lots of lovely Italian themed decor, some Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc. playing in the background and lots of Italian posters make it feel very cosy and homely.

I will definitely be going back to try some of the other dishes and I’d like to try the gluten free pasta they make as well.

All in all, we all had a lovely meal!

Do you like Bella Italia? What’s your favourite dish? Get in touch below.


  1. May 27, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    Looks lovely food. I haven’t been for a while but looks like has changed since I last went

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