Birthday Dinner at Rockfish, Plymouth

On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday, we wanted to go out for dinner but being Coeliac can often make that a little tricky. We settled on Rockfish, I’ve been here a few times and always had very nice food. In fact, if you follow my blog (Hi Mum) you will know I was there last week with some old friends! (Cheeky plug for that post here)
Rockfish have a lovely little menu (Although, if you aren’t a fan of fish, this probably isn’t the place for you) and pride themselves on using local and sustainable sources for their fish. They have this to say about gluten free options:

We fry all of our fish in gluten-free batter that is suitable for coeliacs. We don’t use beef dripping in our oil, so our fried food is also suitable for vegetarians.

So good news for the vegetarians too!

Me, Neil, my Mum, Dad and Godmother all went, I had booked a table a few days before. It is always worth booking in advance as it is a pretty popular little place

Rockfish have a few restaurants in Devon, the one in Plymouth is right next to The National Marine Aquarium – which is well worth a visit.

The waitress we had was lovely, she was really knowledgeable about the menu and was able to explain what I could and couldn’t have which was really nice. It really makes all the difference to a gluten free dining experience. She even pointed out the new gluten free desert and highly recommended it!

IMG_0213Mum, Dad and my Godmother, Margaret all went for fish and chips for the main, Dad had Salt and Pepper Prawns for a starter, Margaret had Crisp Fried Halloumi, Neil had an Italian Seafood Salad and Mum and I both had South Coast Calamari (mine, gluten free obviously).

For my main I went for Scampi, the waitress explained that it wouldn’t be traditional scampi in breadcrumbs as the breadcrumb mix wasn’t gluten free. Luckily as they batter to order, I was able to have the scampi (which is Scottish Langoustine Tails) in the same gluten free batter.

Neil went for Seafood Tacos. Neil really enjoyed his dinner, he literally hasn’t stopped talking about how nice the Taco’s were!

You also get unlimited chips. Which are some of the nicest chips I’ve eaten. When the food arrived they were really clear as to which the gluten free meals were and advised me that I wouldn’t be able to have the tartare sauce or the vinegars as they weren’t gluten free.

My food was so tasty and as much as I wanted to eat 10 buckets of the scampi and chips, I reserved myself to fit in a desert! The scampi/langoustines are phenomenal.

As I mentioned earlier, the waitress pointed out the desert at the start, its new and its gluten free – its called Chocolate Nemesis, it is described as a wonderfully rich, soft cake and comes with a scoop of clotted cream. It certainly was rich and although really nice, it was far too chocolatety for me and poor old Neil had to finish it off.

Mum and Margaret both had ice cream, the ice cream isn’t gluten free thoughIMG_0219, so I did find the desert choices a little lacking.

All in all, Rockfish is a lovely, relaxed place to eat. The food is always really tasty and the staff are always very friendly and have always been very understanding of gluten free dining.

The sun pours in the windows and at the right time of day you can watch the fisherman unload that days catch. Dad was very content to watch a crate load of spider crabs be unloaded (I am terrified of crabs and was glad I couldn’t see).

The relaxed atmosphere makes you feel like you are right on the beach and it is just a lovely place to be.

I can’t wait to visit again. Huge thanks to my Mum and Dad for this lovely birthday treat!

Have you ever visited a Rockfish restaurant? What did you have? Let me know below.


  1. May 19, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    Looks amazing there! I love seafood but no one else I know does lol! Glad you had a lovely birthday meal xxx


    • May 19, 2016 / 2:38 pm

      It’s so nice! I love seafood too but I don’t like anything that’s too fishy if you know what I mean! Xx

  2. May 20, 2016 / 5:52 pm

    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! 🙂 It’s so great that this restaurant caters so well for coeliacs and that the staff are all very knowledgable about the gluten-free options. It sounds like such a nice place, if you enjoy seafood (I don’t :p). I’m lovin’ the unlimited chips option!

    • May 21, 2016 / 6:40 am

      Yeah, it’s not ideal if you don’t like fish and chips. Thank you I did have a lovely birthday. It does make all the difference when the restaurant are knowledgeable about gluten-free. The unlimited chips are fabulous!

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