Body Shop Advent Calendar Review

It’s a little after Christmas now so I’m finally getting around to reviewing my Body Shop advent calendar. I don’t really like chocolate and because I’m a Coeliac and lactose intolerant, the free from chocolate advents aren’t really very nice. My husband Neil treated me to the Body Shop’s beauty advent instead. I’ve had beauty advent calendars in the past but never a Body Shop one. There were 3 calendars you could buy, of varying price. I got the middle priced one.


There are 25 days, or boxes to open. The packaging itself is lovely, although it didn’t make me feel particularly festive.

Days 1 – 5

My very first box, or door held a cute travel sized British Rose shower gel, in the first 5 days I got the bunny hairband. I love it and it’s perfect for when you do a facemark so you don’t end up with it all in your hair. It is super soft and very comfortable to wear. I also got a little star soap, another shower gel and a little shower puff.

Days 6 – 12

The boxes of days 6 through 12 surprised me with eyeliner, lip liner, more shower gel, lip gloss and a gorgeous smelling full sized mango soap bar.

Days 13 – 20

I got some more shower gel, body lotions and some lovely makeup brushes as well as a really good makeup remover – it’s very gentle on the skin, even around my eyes.

Days 21 -24

As we got closer to Christmas, I was really pleased with all the pieces in the calendar so far. It had been a really good selection and it’s the perfect way to try some of their products and fragrances that the Body Shop have to offer. The last few days included a gorgeous hand lotion, lip gloss and a full sized honey flavour body lotion.

Day 25 (It’s CHRISTMAS!)

The last day of the calendar contained a little wooden nice and instructions for how to recycle your advent calendar into a game for the family to play!

Each box has a question and answer on it, you roll the dice and look for the corresponding symbol on the boxes to pick a question! The winner is the person who gets the most right.

As you opened the boxes each day, if you flipped them over, there was a suggestion on how you could pay it forward or brighten someones day. The Body Shop’s Christmas campaign this year came with it’s own hashtag – “Play for Peace”. I thought this was a lovely touch and a nice way to spread the joy over the Christmas period.

All in all, the Body Shop Beauty Advent calendar was really good, the products inside were nice. I’ve already started using some of the shower gels and the lip balm/glosses are perfect for chapped lips in this cold weather! I will definitely be picking one up again next Christmas.


Did you have an advent calendar this year? Do you prefer a beauty one? What have you got your eye on for next Christmas? Get in touch below!





  1. January 12, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    This looks great. Love the range of advent calendars available last year. I wanted to get Antony the cheese one but couldn’t see it. This looks like a great collection. I only had chocolate ones but will hint to the hubby for this year when the festivities begin. Will you get the same this year or try another? Xx

    • Estelle Stevens
      January 21, 2018 / 6:28 pm

      I will definitely get the Body Shop one again I think! I might go for the more expensive one and really treat myself lol x

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