Doodle a Poodle or Colour a Cat

A few weeks ago, Michael O Mara Books very kindly sent me two beautiful doodle books to review.

Michael O Mara Books published their first book in 1985, 30 years later they have published thousands of titles and are a leading publisher of Adult Colouring Books.

They sent me two books to play with, Doodle a Poodle and Colour a Cat, both by Hannah Rollings.


Hannah Rollings is an award-winning illustrator, graduating with a first-class degree in Illustration from Kingston University and completing an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. Her work experiments with qualities of colour and pattern and she is currently focusing on creating interactive work using stop-frame animation and activity-led work.

You can purchase both titles from Amazon for £7.99.

Read on to see what I think

IMG_7870First up is Colour a Cat. You are always told not to judge a book by cover, but quite frankly you should. This cover is beautiful, it’s so bold and bright and it just invites you to pop it open and take a look inside. If you know me, you will know that I am a total crazy cat lady so this was right up my street.

The inside certainly lives up to the cover (see, I told you to judge this book by its cover). The first pages invites you to be bold and creative , experiment and try different ways to make your mark on this book. The next few pages beautifully detail a few different techniques you may want to try out

The book features a number of different cat breeds and the illustrations really portray the quirks of the breed. It is bright and colourful and would inspire any cat lover to create some feline masterpieces!


Next up is Doodle a Poodle, don’t let the cover fool you, you can doodle so much more than poodles!


Similarly to Colour a Cat, this beautiful book has a bright and bold cover featuring a bright blue poodle with a big poofy hair do. Fabulous. This book also has a beautifully illustrated couple of front pages detailing some techniques you might want to try. (How cute is that Pom?!)


This book features lots of different dog breeds and the illustrator has captured the personalities in each doodle. It’s a visual feast! From corgi’s to schnauzers this gorgeous colouring book is sure to inspire your imagination.


Both books are a nice size and have thick good quality paper, I have no worries that whatever material I use would leach through the page. The coloured illustrations are stunning, really thoughtful and lovely colours. Part of me is reluctant to put my own scrawl over the pages! I would highly recommend both books to cat and dog lovers alike. If you simply like to be creative then these lovely books are for you too. They would make a really lovely gift or a lovely treat for yourself.

Thank you again to Michael O Mara Books for sending me these two books to play with. You can follow Michael O Mara Books here:


Have you tried either of these pretty books? Are you thinking of treating yourself to them? Let me know below.


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