Handmade Burger Co, Bournemouth – Review

As I sat down to write this review, I headed to The Handmade Burger Co website and Twitter page, only to discover they’d mysteriously disappeared. A short amount of research and mouse clicking later, I discovered that The Handmade Burger Co went into administration on 06 July 2017, with 9 of their 29 restaurants closing with immediate effect.

I’ve decided to write my review anyway.

We visited The Handmade Burger Co in Bournemouth last week. Neil has eaten at the Birmingham restaurant a couple of times and as they offer gluten free options and we didn’t want to eat pasta or pizza again, this seemed like a good choice. I’d been saying that I hadn’t had a good burger for a really long time, often, the burger buns are rubbish, fall apart and leave you in a bit of a disappointed mess. So I had high hopes for a tasty gluten free burger.


Sitting in the very new and fancy BH2 Leisure Complex a shortish walk from Bournemough Sea front, or the town centre, you can visit the cinema or any of the 13 restaurants here, from TGI Fridays to Nandos and ASK Italian.

We asked about gluten free options and I was given a seperate gluten free menu. You can have your burger naked, or you can have a gluten free bun. Handmade Burger Co is also acredited by Coeliac UK so there is an extra level of care and trust here.

There are lots of different topping options for your burger such as peanut butter and bacon pork and apple and many more, you can have a beef burger or a chicken burger and there are veggie options as well. You can also add extra toppings. Neil added goats cheese to his chicken, bacon and avocado burger.

I went for a gluten free Stilton and bacon Burger with caramelised onions. We also had sides of chips – I had chips with cheese and slow cooked pulled pork and BBQ sauce. I also went for a blue cheese mayo.

The burgers arrived very quickly.

The gluten free burger arrived in its own pre-sealed packet. This avoids as much cross contamination as possible. The downside to this is that you then have to put your own burger together! I decided to go with the caramelised onion on the bottom, then the burger stack (burger, Stilton, bacon) went on, I then added more onions on the top along with some blue cheese mayo.


The chips were amazing. I could have done with a little less of the BBQ sauce as it was a bit peppery for my personal (and rather fussy) tastes. They are like proper chip shop chips – my favourite!

The burger was very nice, the meat was really well cooked, juicy and very tasty. The bacon was good too, nice and thick and the Stilton and onions go really well together.


There was unfortunately one major issue. The bun. I’ve had some pretty bad gluten free bread products and this is right up there in the top ten. In it’s defence, it held together, didn’t break apart and contained all of the burger right up to the last bite, but it was dry. So dry. It didn’t really taste of much and kind of let the whole thing down really. A little extra thought would go a long way to making this the perfect gluten free burger. Having said that, I really, really enjoyed my burger, despite the bun. I would definitely have eaten here again but would consider a naked burger instead.

It really hit the cravings for a burger I’d been having.

The inside of The Handmade Burger Co is pretty cool – it’s very industrial and dare I say, hipster. The waitress was very lovely and the food arrived quickly and hot.

If you are looking for a decent gluten free burger then this place really hits the spot. I’m very sad to hear it has gone into administration as I would definitely have visited again. Have you eaten at the Handmade Burger Co? What did you think?

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