Happy Socks – The Beatles Limited Edition Set

I recently spotted an advert for socks on Instagram, I hate the adverts that pop up on my timeline and I always hide them, but just this once, I decided to have a look and what I discovered was Happy Socks and their rather spectacular Beatles Limited Edition socks. I am a huge fan of the Beatles (check out what I thought of the Lego Yellow Submarine in this post) and so I couldn’t resist, unfortunately I couldn’t afford them, so I stored them for later on my wishlist!

Imagine my suprise when the post arrived one day a week later, Neil had treated me to a set! I’d told him about them and he very kindly got me my very own set! What a gem he is.


My set contains 3 pairs of the most amazingly, colourful and wonderful Beatles themed socks, Yellow Submarine themed in fact!


First up is the Pepperland set, featuring John, Paul George and Ringo as they are in the film, Yellow Submarine. The design wraps around the sock.

Next up The Monsters sock. Featuring some of the baddies from the film. Bright orange with yellow, green and purple details, these are a fabulous pair of socks!

The last pair in the set feature the Yellow Submarine itself, on a plain navy background with yellow trim, the design looks amazing.


Each pair is an actual joy to look at. Guaranteed to lift anyones spirits, not just a Beatles fan. There are 3 other pairs that I have my eye on! Happy Socks has some fabulous designs – I wonder if there is such thing as a sock ambassador? Cause I’d bloody love to be one!

Priced at £11.95 per pair for the Beatles set, other socks are priced at around £9.95. Box sets and gift sets will offer you savings and other limited edition sets are more costly. Obviously these aren’t the cheapest socks in the world but you are really are getting good quality, well designed, beautiful socks. The gift box they came in is also gorgeous and I will be trying to find a use for it so I have an excuse to keep it.


I would definitely suggest you check out the website and treat your feet to some fabulous socks.

What do you think of my new socks? Are you tempted to treat yourself? Let me know below.




  1. October 23, 2017 / 11:51 am

    I love a pair of socks and these are SO cool! I can imagine they’d be a right conversation starter is someone saw em!


    • November 14, 2017 / 9:44 am

      I know, these are just fabulous! I’ve not worn them yet, like they are too precious to waste on my feet!

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