Lalalab – Print Great Moments Review

I love photos, I have boxes full of them upstairs but over recent years I only seem to have electronic versions, saved to my phone, memory cards, Instagram and Facebook. Social media and smartphones seem to have lessened the need for the actual photograph that you can have in your hand, so this year I’ve decided to change that and get hard copies of as many of my photos as I can. Whilst I was deciding where was the best place to get my prints (I use Snapfish normally, I had all my wedding photos printed through them for a really reasonable price) I remembered I had once used Lalalab to get some photos of the cats printed for Neil. I decided to give them another go.

Lalalab is best used as an app, which you can download for free.

Once you have loaded up the app you can then choose what type of photo product you’d like. There are lots of options like photobooks starting at £21.90 for 40 pages, you can get a 30cm x 30cm canvas for £24.90. There is a mosaic canvas option which I am really tempted to get for the house. You can also get framed prints, magnets and more.

The Lalabox starts at £12.90 for 36 Polaroid style photos all packaged and delivered in a lovely hard box, I went for a bigger version – the aptly named Biggiebox starting at £23.90 for 80 prints (with any additional prints costing £0.25).

You can then use the app to link to your camera roll on your phone or the app can log in through your Facebook / Instagram etc. and you simply select the photos you want.


The app is really simple to use, it lets you switch back and forth between different albums without losing the photos you already selected. The counter at the top tells you how many photos you have selected as well.

Once you have selected your photos,  you can edit, add text and add extra copies if you wish. Once you are happy with your photos you are then taken through the delivery and payment options. Once you have paid you get an email confirmation and your hard work is done. I got further emails to confirm dispatch dates as well. I ordered my box between Christmas and New Year so my box took a little longer to arrive than I expected and as I think they don’t ship from the UK I would suggest making sure you allow plenty of time for delivery when you order.

So when my box arrived I was very excited to open my package. The packing was really good by the way and my box of photos arrived undamaged.

The box is really cute and the photos are really well printed, I love the vintage style of the print and printing them like this, although not instant like an actual Poloroid camera it is much cheaper than buying the film!


They are the perfect size for displaying around your house and you can even write on the white space if you wanted to remember dates and times. I had fun leaving them on my cats.

They also look really good on the fridge (if you can persuade your cats to stop bashing the magnets off the fridge for long enough to keep your photos there obviously). They also make my fun photos look even better!

They also happen to be a very handy size for your husband to be forced into keeping lots of photos of his wife about his person. This one is being sneaked into his work bag..


I think these are a perfect addition to my photo collection. I think they would make a great gift for someone too. Just had a baby? You can totally get away with sending your own Lalabox full of baby photos to grandparents, aunties and uncles as a gift! The quality of the prints is really good and the cost is great too. All in all, I can’t wait to get my next box of photos!

Do you like to get your photos printed? Or do you think that storing them electronically is better and easier? Let me know below.


  1. January 9, 2017 / 9:18 pm

    Love these! I keep meaning to get photos printed. Is so easy just to keep them on your devices now, but is not the same as flipping through a photo album

    • January 11, 2017 / 6:26 pm

      I love having the hard copies. It’s a shame we don’t keep so many proper photos nowadays. xx

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