Lego Yellow Submarine – Review

I love The Beatles and The Yellow Submarine is right up there on my list of favourite films, so when we saw the latest Lego Ideas set was going to be the Yellow Submarine complete with the fab 4, we had to get it.


Neil is the Lego fan in our house but as he was feeling sorry for me as I was in the first weeks of my hip replacement recovery he very kindly let me play (sorry, I of course mean build) first – I was kind enough to pull it all apart again at the end so Neil could play (build, I mean build) too.

If you are familiar with Lego sets you will know that each sets comes with an instruction booklet and depending on the size of the set, the pieces are often sorted into bags to make it easier.

This particular set comes complete with some facts and history about The Beatles / Yellow Submarine and the designer of the set.

I started at the beginning (it’s a very good place to start) with bag number one, which I emptied out into the box. I would recommend using a flat and stable surface if you aren’t confined to a bed as it will undoubtedly make it easier. The first bag makes the bottom part of the submarine and John! It also makes the handy Beatles display stand.

Bag number two builds the submarines bottom and sides up and makes our next Beatle – Paul.

The next few bags and submarine starts to take shape.

There are really cute details inside, the design has really captured the spirit! Bag 3 also makes the lovely George complete with a periscope!

Next I made Ringo (my favourite), holding a hole*. This bag also made part of the top or lid I suppose of the submarine. Bag 5 also contains Jeremy, which is a little detail I was thrilled with.

Once the submarine is completed, there was a stand to build so it can be displayed. You can pop the Fab Four inside the submarine, there isn’t really a huge amount of space for them and they would totally get cramp, but they do look pretty cool in there and the top fits back on when they are inside. There is even a cubby hole to keep their various items in.

I decided that they were better living outside the submarine.

The Lego Ideas sets are a great idea. They are often inspired by sets that Lego fans have created, Back To The Future, The Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters and more have all been Lego Ideas, Adventure Time Lego will arrive next year. They are usually voted for by the fans. The Yellow Submarine will set you back £49.99 and you can buy it from the Lego store here. For your money you get 553 pieces, which isn’t too bad. Sets such as Star Wars or Batman are alot pricier and Lego City / Friends sets tended to be cheaper, although Lego announced they would be putting their prices up next year.

This set was lovely to put together, as always Lego instructions are clear and very easy to follow. This set is colourful and a wonderful tribute to The Beatles and The Yellow Submarine.

Would you get this set? What Lego Ideas would you like to see in the future? Let me know below.



When I promoted this blog post on Twitter, I had a lovely exchange with the Lego designer, Justin Ramsden who bought Lego Fan Kevin Szeto’s idea to life. I would like to apologise, of course it is a hole! I have now edited the post!




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