Let It Be – 2016 Tour, Plymouth – Review

Last Friday, me, my Mum and my Godmother went to see Let It Be at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. I LOVE The Beatles they are probably my favourite band of all time, thanks to my Mum, I grew up listening to the music of their era and I can’t thank her enough for that.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I’d not read alot about this tour – which has been seen by over 2 million worldwide apparently. I wondered if it would be similiar to Mamma Mia, or Tonight’s The Night – (which featured the songs of the amazing Rod Stewart and is well worth seeing) and the songs would be set to a story.

We had really good seats, 5 rows from the front and fortunately for me the people in front of me weren’t tall so I didn’t need the booster seat!


Whilst we waited for it to start, the televisions on stage played adverts from the 60’s providing a really lovely account of the social history of the time. Bits of trivia and questions popped on every now and then so you could play along!


As the lights went down and the music started up, the show was introduced and the audience were encouraged to take photos and share them on social media – which was a first for me, usually this is never permitted!

The show starts in the Cavern Club, with their early tracks, documenting their appearance on The Royal Variety Show, playing songs like Help.

I was pleasantly suprised to discover this wouldn’t be a story set to the music, but rather live performances of my favourite Beatles songs.

The shows continues through the hysteria of Beatlemania, through to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Magical Mystery Tour.

I was overjoyed when the played my favourite song – Eleanor Rigby.

The performers were brilliant, the voices, the music, even the mannerisms were outstanding. It really could have been Ringo Starr on the drums. They encouraged the audience up on their feets to dance, clap and sing along.

Clips were played in at various intervals to understand where you were in the Fab Four’s timeline, I loved the clips of American adverts and the stadium shots of how Beatlemania affected the masses.

All You Need Is Love was a big crowd pleaser. The atmosphere in the Lyric was fabulous, everyone was genuinely having a really good time.

They finished the show with the massive Hey Jude, which had every single person up on their feet singing along.

All in all, this was a fantastic night out and a chance to experience “The Beatles” live in my lifetime. Huge thanks to my mum for treating me to a ticket.

You can read more about the tour by heading to the official website

Are you a fan of The Beatles? Have you seen Let It Be?



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