Lindy Bop OOTD & Rod Stewart!

On Wednesday Mum and I went to see Rod Stewart, this was the second time I have seen him live at Home Park, I’m a big fan. Read on to find out what I wore and I thought of the ever amazing Rod Stewart!


My amazingly cute dress came from Lindy Bop, I got it ages and ages ago but have never had a reason to wear it so this seemed the perfect opportunity. Lindy Bop sell a range of vintage dresses and retro fashion, I adore the 50s swing style dresses they do! Neil got me a cat print swing dress for my birthday, which I’m planning to wear to a wedding next month.

As always, I wore big chunky boots with my dress and finished off with a super cute Skinny Dip handbag. IMG_0020

The top part of the dress is like tshirt material, it’s really comfortable to wear and doesn’t cling to you. The skirt part is a thicker, heavier cotton, so it hangs really nicely and is a full skirt so you can do that thing where you spin around really fast and it all flies out. Fabulous (warning though, although fun, this will make you pretty dizzy). I adore the yellow bow on the waistband and it all zips up on the side with an invisible zipper. I have a slightly different version of this dress which is equally as lovely.

This dress cost £30 and comes in a couple of different skirt/top colour combinations. Delivery is really quick too and the website is really fun to navigate through.

My mum very kindly treated us to the tickets and it feels like we got them ages ago so I was pretty excited at the start of the week when the night had finally come around.

First up were two support acts, the first (and my hands down favourite) were The Mariachis – whom you may recognise from the Doritos adverts. You can find out more about them here. They were absolutely fantastic and 80s classics turned over to the Mariachis may be the most genius thing I have EVER heard.

The second support act were introduced by Penny Lancaster, they were called The Sisterhood (you can read about them here).  One half of The Sisterhood is Rod Stewart’s daughter, Ruby. Although not really to my taste they both did have lovely voices.

After what seemed like an eternity, the man himself finally came on and what an entrance it was!

He sang lots of his classics, You Wear It Well, Maggie May, Baby Jane, Sailing (obviously). Each song had the crowd singing along and he often stopped to interact. He really is an all round entertainer. He also sang a couple of songs from his latest album.

Other than a 15 minute interval, he danced and strutted his way around the stage, even popping into the crowd at one point. After the interval he sat down down and invited everyone to do so as well, admitting he “wasn’t getting any younger” and reminding the crowd they paid alot of money for a seat so should sit in it! He then sang a few slower classics which the crowd belted out alongside him.

The entire show was fabulous and for 71 years of age, his voice is still fantastic.

Me and mum had a fantastic time. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed ourselves, Mum even treated me to a tshirt and a programme. Mum is off to see Barry Manilow next week too, but I bet he won’t be half as lively as Rod!

A big thank you to my husband for braving his fatigue and the traffic pouring away from Home Park for dropping us off and picking us up. Even bigger thanks to my lovely, beautiful Mother for buying the tickets.

I’ll leave you with a clip of one of my favourite ever songs. Its a Faces classic and I was overjoyed when he performed it!

Thank you for a fabulous night Mr Stewart. Are you a Rod Stewart fan? What is your favourite song? Let me know below.






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