Lush Hot Oil Hair Treatment Review

Back in the summer I attended the Lush Summer Collection Event. One of the goodies Lush kindly gifted me with was a brand new hot oil hair treatment – Yuge. It promises volume, shine and condition with a gorgeous minty fresh scent!


Priced at £6.50 and containing sea salt, guar gum, jojoba oil and spearmint. Yuge promises to make your hair shiny and full of volume. The instructions are dead easy to follow and are printed onto the stick.


Take a cup, fill with boiling water (not all the way to the top though) and stir the stick around, product end in the water of course. Once completely melted allow the treatment to cool. Once mine had cooled I transferred the treatment into a container. Lush recommend recycling on of their pots for this. You definitely get more than one go out of this treatment, so you will need somewhere to store it.

It is worth pointing out that I washed the mug I used 4 times but when my husband presented me with a minty and slightly oily cup of tea one day, I ended up throwing the mug in the bin as it was still coated with the treatment! I would recommend using an old mug you don’t care about!

My hair goes through a lot, it is regularly bleached and coloured, I also don’t look after it that well so it often goes quite dry, especially on the ends. My hair before was particularly manky. It had been in braids for 3 days, it was unwashed, unbrushed and in dire need of a cut and colour.

I scooped some of the treatment out with my fingers and applied it to my dry hair, massaging it into the roots and paying extra attention to the dry ends of my hair.

Once applied, I relaxed and set a timer for 20 minutes, which is the recommended amount of time Lush suggest. I popped it in a couple of big hair grips to stop any getting on my pyjamas. I drank a nice cup of tea and ate some chocolate! After the 20 minutes were up I went and washed my hair. Yuge smells amazing, the spearmint is really strong.

Whilst I was washing the treatment out I realised that I had used WAY too much. I washed it twice before I was happy that I’d gotten as much of the hot oil treatment out. My hair felt really slippery and smooth during washing, there were no tangles and it was easy to wash. I have a lot of hair and it is really thick, when it is at it’s worst it is a nightmare to wash.

After towel drying my hair, I pulled my hair brush through it, it was tangle free and didn’t snag or pull, which it can sometimes do, especially after it has just been bleached.

I then blow dried my hair as

My hair was super soft and very shiny. It felt lovely and stayed shiny for days. After using the treatment (admittedly too much) I didn’t need to use my normal conditioner for about 3 washes. My hair stayed soft and silky after each wash. My dry ends were hugely improved. The minty smell of the treatment stayed in my hair as well.

After one treatment, I probably had another 6 or 7 treatments left. This would obviously vary depending on how much hair you have and how much you use.  I have been using the treatment between hair cuts, so around every 4 weeks. It is keeping my hair in good condition and repairing some of the damage that consistent bleaching and colouring does.

I would definitely recommend this Lush hot oil treatment to give your hair shine and keep it in excellent  condition. Lush offer a range of hair treatments which have different ways of protecting your hair and scalp.

Have you tried a Lush hair treatment? What did you think?

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