Pizza Express Gluten Free Margherita – Review

Last week I finally got my hands on the Gluten Free Margherita Pizza from Pizza Express. You’ve probably seen the range of pizzas available to buy in supermarkets from Pizza Express and I was pretty excited when I saw I could have a gluten free one.

For £4.25 from Sainsburys you can enjoy the taste of Pizza Express from the comfort of your sofa (If you are reading this mum, I definitely sat at the table to eat my pizza and I certainly didn’t sit on the sofa whilst I ate it). In case you were wondering, the regular margherita in the range also costs £4.25 so it’s nice to see the price hasn’t been inflated because its free from.


Our gluten-free base, topped with creamy mozzarella & our famous passata

Suitable for vegetarians

Our Gluten-free range is certified by Coeliac UK

Since we first introduced gluten-free options to our restaurant menu, we have been working on ways for you to enjoy the great taste of our Gluten-Free pizzas at home.

Made in our own bakery and certified by Coeliac UK, we have recreated the flavour of our famous classic base so you can enjoy your favourite Pizza Express recipes on a delicious gluten-free base.

The packet tells you how it should be cooked and even suggests getting creative with your own toppings. Here it is with nothing extra before it goes into the preheated oven.


Firstly, I have to say the topping is really generous. Often cheese, sauces etc. are skimped on so I was pleased to see a good helping of mozzarella on the top (I feel I should point out here that I have a slight lactose intolerance. Milk, cream and soft cheese effect me the most so I have to admit that I quite often take the risk when it comes to things like this, even though I wouldn’t even dream of taking the risk with wheat/gluten etc.).

I added my own toppings. I went with some chicken and some prosciutto. I also added a little leftover lactofree cheese I had in the fridge (yes, I am aware of what a contradiction that is). I had to fight the cat for the chicken and he did get told off and removed from the kitchen. He has since apologised and we are besties again (I had to apologise for forcibly placing him behind a closed door).


It then went in the oven for 7-9 minutes, I left it in for 10 minutes in total as I like my pizza a bit on the crispy side.

Lovely! The pizza was really nice, it has a nice thin base which personally I prefer. Even without my extra toppings, the topping is really generous and it tastes almost like what you’d get in the restaurant (read about my Pizza Express restaraunt experience here). The base isn’t too doughy or claggy or dry which I have found some free from pizza’s to be. I would definitely get this again and I really hope that they make some different flavours gluten free soon. They are also acredited by Coeliac UK so you know you can trust that you won’t be glutened.

Have you tried a gluten free pizza? What is your favourite brand? What’s your ultimate pizza topping? Get in touch below.




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