Soap & Glory What A Peeling De Clog Mask – Review

In my quest to find the best ever face mask, I recently tried the Soap & Glory What A Peeling De Clog Mask, available from Boots for £4.00. For your money you get two single use facial mask treatments.


Soap & Glory make some bold claims. The mask is designed to purify and de-clog the skin.

Lift out gunk and remove that junk! A totally a-peeling mask that helps to remove dirt and impurities as you peel it off. Like any other super-hero, WHAT A PEELING!™ transforms itself – from pink liquid gel to a paper-like strip. It’s absolutely cram-jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients including beauty powerhouse Vitamin C plus a stack of oil-absorbing smoothers.
Our scentsational mask is fragranced with exotic tropical fruit and May Chang mood-boosting essential oil and is ideal for a problem T-zone. Get yourself some pink a-peel!


It comes with a handy little scoop to help you smooth the mask onto your face as well.

My skin has been pretty bad lately, tired, spotty, dry and gross. I was hoping that the Soap & Glory mask would perk my face up! Here’s my face before:


The instructions are on the back of the packet and are clear and easy to follow. It also recommends giving the scoop a wash before you use it.

The face mask is pink. I mean really, really pink! It is super gloopy and a bit messy to apply. The scoop is completely useless and I would recommend not using it at all. I use a foundation brush to put my masks on with usually and I wish I had for this one. Luckily, I applied What A Peeling over the sink as it was very drippy and took a lot of elbow grease to scrub the drips out of the sink. I’d recommend applying it with caution over a surface you don’t care about!


It smells really nice though and is quite soothing on the skin. The colour is amazing and really adds to the fun of it. Once applied, having focused on problem areas. For me thats around the nose and chin, leave it for 25 minutes and relax!


I gave my hands a good moisturise and drank a cup of tea!

It dries really evenly and I was surprised how well it all peels off. I was able to peel the whole mask off in 2 pieces. I’ve found some peel off masks can be tricky to peel off, leaving little bits stuck everywhere.

Once the mask was off, I was pleased to see that my skin looked brighter and fresher. It felt clean and tight and very soft. It didn’t dry my skin out and I didn’t feel like I had to moisturise straight away either. The pores in my nose seemed to be clearer as well.


Overall, I am really pleased with the results. The price isn’t too bad and you get two single use pods for your money. I felt that the mask really did do what it promised. My skin felt much more cheerful after one go. I would definitely recommend the Soap & Glory What A Peeling De Clog mask.

Have you tried this mask? Would you give it a go? Let me know in the comments below.



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