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A little while ago, Neil and I visited Stop. in Shrewsbury. We’ve visited maybe four or five times when we have been in Shrewsbury, but it’s a bit of a commute from Plymouth regardless of how good the cake and coffee is.

You can visit them at their Twitter and they also have a Facebook page here. It is ranked 4 out of 25 coffee shops in Shrewsbury and has a fantastic 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor,

Read on for our most recent visit to both of Stop.’s coffee shops.

Until this year, I was unaware of the second Stop. cafe, which we found out is situated in the Shrewsbury Museum, which is a really fantastic little place.

First up though, is the Stop. we found a year or so ago, it is situated right next to the river and was pretty much opposite the hotel we were staying in. Neil is a coffee snob so the idea of trying out some coffee in a quirky looking coffee shop was right up his street. I was already pretty happy having already fed the ducks and made friends with a cat. Neil loved it and I think we went back 2 or 3 times in the short time we were there.This year, we were staying in a hotel on the other side of town so Neil was a little disappointed we wouldn’t get to go, so before heading to the hotel, we parked up near the river, went to look at the ducks and decided to head in for some coffee. Firstly, the cat I had made friends with the year before came to say hello. He is obviously a regular visitor to the coffee shop and was swiftly shooed out of the door. Where he sat in the doorway and glowered for a while.



The inside of Stop. is decorated really nicely, its quirky, there are wonderful posters on the walls and brightly coloured furniture and a big sofa. Its really colourful and there are toys and books and magazines. The shop is relatively small and has some outside seating too. All in all, it is a rather marvellous, cosy little place, with a very tasty sounding menu. If I wasn’t coeliac there were sausages rolls and various fillings for panini’s that all sounded rather wonderful. Neil had coffee and cake and I was in luck as they had some gluten free apple cake. My favourite thing are the tiny milk bottles that make me feel like a giant. There were different types of coffee, tea, juice and milkshakes and really friendly staff. Also, importantly for many people – free wifi! If you are like me and enjoy a spot of people watching, the big airy windows are perfect for this.


After some cake and coffee and after I had said hello to any local cat I could find, we headed to our hotel and decided to go for a walk, where we promptly came across the other Stop. in Shrewsbury. This one, had a fantastic little sign outside. I mean, who wouldn’t go in after reading it!


I love a quirky shop sign.

We decided to have lunch there on the second day of the Shrewsbury Flower show (which, by sheer coincidence, I blogged about here). The Stop. in Shrewsbury Museum is fantastic, its bigger and offers a few more meal choices, it also has a really large outside area in an enclosed courtyard. We really could have spent forever in here. Again, it’s really well decorated, simple and colourful and it fits in so well in the museum. We picked a couple of items for lunch to share – my favourites sweet potato fries and a baked sweet potato with spring onion and sour cream. They were both really tasty, the plates looked nice, it was hot and it arrived quickly. Also really good value for money.

Neil tells me the coffee was very nice and I have to say it was a very good cup of tea. We will definitely be making a return trip next time we are in Shrewsbury.
Have you been to Stop. ? Where are you favourite independent coffee shops? Let me know below.

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