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EDIT 04.03.2017 I reviewed Sweet Treats last year and they since seem to have vanished and you can no longer purchase sweeties from them! Still, it was fun whilst it lasted! 
On Thursday night, two of my favourite things – my husband Neil and sweets were combined. Not in a weird kinky way though, don’t worry.

Earlier this week, Neil was telling me about Sweet Treats Plymouth who are a company who amongst other things, deliver 1kg of sweets directly to your door. Hello?? Why am I only just hearing about this? My life is now complete. I was intrigued but then unfortunately, life conspired against me, events happened and I promptly forgot about them.

On Thursday, I noticed Neil had “liked” their Facebook page. I immediately decided to get in touch, enquire about gluten free options, have a delivery and write a blog post all about it. They responded very quickly and weirdly, asked me if I was any relation to Neil they then explained that their photo gallery of sweets also had the lists of ingredients, they suggested I look through and pick a selection. I confirmed that I was his wife, thanked them and made a note to spend part of my Saturday looking through the sweets and picking my selection.

At 2130 on Thursday evening, someone knocked on my door (I was slightly alarmed – I’m not good with suprise company), when I answered a very smiley man handed me a cardboard box, informed me they were my sweets and said goodbye (don’t quote me on the exact conversation). My husband had ordered me my very own big fat 1kg of sweets! (which explained why they knew I was his wife, I’d assumed it was because I was so super famous now..)


Inside were a mix of jelly sweets, gummy bears, strawbs, flying saucers, jelly worms, cola bottles and lots of other goodies. I was in sweetie heaven.


So, how does it work? You can place your order via their Facebook Page – Sweet Treats Plymouth, they respond as quickly as they can and then they arrange to deliver to your chosen address (provided you are in Plymouth) whether that is your home or workplace, or wherever you like. Neil tells me they invoice you via Paypal, which is quick and easy. My 1kg box cost £9.00. You can also pay cash on delivery.

They also do candy cones, sweet carts, party bags and sweet buffets. The packaging they use is 100% biodegradeable, which is fabulous. Delivery is free and they deliver 7 days a week.

This is such a fabulous idea. The response I got from them was swift and polite. Neil says the same. They gave Neil an approximate delivery time too.


I am overjoyed at having found this delivery service – way better than an Indian or Chinese! I will definitely be using them again in the future and I have already requested that  Neil has a box sent to me roughly once a month.

Please go and check them out – everybody needs something sweet in their life!

What is your favourite sweet? Would you like to have sweets delivered to your door? Let me know below!


  1. July 31, 2016 / 9:53 pm

    Neil is a good egg bless his bearded chin! What a lovely surprise! And a yummy one

    Stacey xxx

  2. August 2, 2016 / 2:44 pm

    Ooo this is such an awesome idea! I’d love a box of my favourite sweets delivered straight to my door. How sweet of your husband for ordering a box for you 🙂 that’s lovely. My favourite sweets are jelly beans, dolly mixture and parma violets, but I like so many sweets x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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