The Make Arcade, Sparkle Brooch Kit – Review

An absolute age ago, I entered a competition with the Make Arcade on their Instagram page. I was lucky enough to win a really cute “Make and Do” Kit. I then popped it in a safe place so I could make it at a later date.

That later date came around last week (albeit, much later than I had planned). I had some time off work and I found the kit amongst some other craft kits I had and decided to give it a go.

The Make Arcade is based in Salisbury and was launched in 2013 combining workshops, craft parties, haberdashery and handmade products.

The Make Arcade is passionate about sewing, crafting and making. We want to make life more creative by passing on the practical skills needed to make things by hand and provide inspiration to make and create.

Founder and head maker Ruth Oliver is a rather experienced stitcher. Her first sewing session was aged 10 on the family sewing machine and via a learning curve of scrunchies, cushions and interesting fashion statements she went on to study a degree and masters in fashion accessory design at the renowned Cordwainers college part of the London College of Fashion. A career designing handbags, luggage and accessories followed with a recent stint at a Royal Milliners. A lifelong passionate crafter and maker Ruth wants to share and pass on her skills and knowledge to enable the pleasure and practicality of sewing and making to continue to new generations.

In 2013 Ruth launched The Make Arcade which combines sewing workshops, craft themed parties, handmade products and haberdashery. Let’s Make and Create

I have a bit of a wish list with the Make Arcade – it sells the cutest Cross Stitch Kits which I am going to be treating myself too next month ready for my confinement following my hip replacement.

The kit I won last year is no longer available to buy on the website.

The little packet contains everything you need to make a heart shaped sparkle brooch.

Inside the pack, you get some instructions, glue, a pin, a wooden heart and some glitter fabric. The instructions tell you that you will also need scissors, a pen, a cup of tea and some cake. So I set about getting everything ready.


I didn’t have any cake unfortunately.

So, onto the making! The instructions are so easy to follow, easy to read and simple.

You draw around the wooden shape onto the non glitter side of the fabric, cut it out, then using the glue, glue it onto the wooden heart, then glue the pin onto the back. The glue dries clear so it doesnt matter if things get a little messy (which they did).

Once dried, you can wear your little brooch with pride, which I did. With a little help from the Make Arcade I made something wonderful to wear all by myself.

I had a lot of fun making this little kit. Everything is really good quality and each step has been simplified for you to put together easily, whilst still providing the satisfaction that you made something all by yourself!

I only wish I had put the kit together sooner and that I lived closer to Salisbury so I could get to go to the workshops!

Have you ever made a craft kit? What do you think about this one? Let me know below!


  1. July 28, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    Loving your glittery broach! Sparkle away 🙂

    I am on a mission to keep you busy when you are confined, like a fairy godmother providing pumpkins and mice, I am gonna provide you bits to do lol.

    Love the Be Nice and Sleep Tight Hooplas and the flamingo cross stitch is cute.

    Great Post xxx Stacey

    • July 29, 2016 / 2:44 pm

      I love them too! I’ve not done cross stitch for years so I will definitely be glad to get back into it!!

      You don’t have to get me anything silly! You spoil me xx

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