Velvet Art – Reliving Some Childhood Fun

I’ve been getting creative this week. I’ve missed all my usual crafty hobbies so having a few weeks off has helped me to embrace my creative side again.

I spent some time yesterday reliving my childhood. I imagine at some point everyone has coloured in a velvet art picture. I loved them so much, even though leaning your hand and arm on them to colour left black fluffy fuzz all over them! I’ve not seen velvet art for a little while, in fact the last time I saw velvet art it was enough to almost put me off for life:


This little gem was unearthed in a pound shop in Blackpool – they were two for £1.00 but the choice was between this one and 50 others that were exactly the same – I passed on the opportunity to own two of these!

On a recent trip to Tiger Stores  (which if you have never been in there, I definitely recommend you find one and go and spend all your money in there, they sell the most wonderful, fun, unique things) I stumbled across a packet of 5 mini velvet art pictures in a little pack! Obviously I picked one up!


There are 5 different designs all a handy 18 x 18 cm which is a perfect size for colouring in on your lap. I decided to use Sharpies to colour these – the colours are bright and fun and are ideal for popping against the velvety black background!

Mandala patterns are really fun, I love patterns like this as I can keep things regular and symmetrical.

For less than a fiver, this little pack of velvet art is a bloody bargain. It is good quality and the size means they’d be ideal for little hands too. This would be a good distraction for kids on a car journey or an afternoon craft project for a rainy day during the summer holidays.

I had a blast reliving a childhood memory through this packet of velvet art and who knows, if Justin is still there the next time I go to Blackpool maybe I’ll treat myself to two Justins for a £1.00!


Do you have any childhood velvet art memories? Let me know below.


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