Sometimes on a Sunday we go out for breakfast. Apparently, it’s bad manners to go to a cafe in your pyjamas, so I have to get dressed. Today i’m sharing my Casual Sunday OOTD feat. Truffle Shuffle.

Trainers are a good place to start. These rainbow babies have light up laces and came from Dolls Kill. I got them on sale too so they were less than £30.00. Bargain!


As always, my jeans are from Gap – they are like jeggings, stretchy and comfortable. But without that cheap feel, they feel like proper denim jeans. My t-shirt is from Soft Kitty Clothing and has a classic line from Mary Poppins on it.

Practically Perfect in Every Way


At the time of writing this post, it is still currently in stock. It’s a simple white cotton tee, comfortable and breathable and perfect for matching with a pair of jeans and trainers when you want to nip out of the house.

My fabulous tote bag was gifted to me by Truffle Shuffle and features one of my all time favourite cartoons – My Little Pony. Tote bags are really useful, as they are always made of a strong canvas type material but can still fold or scrunch up to fit inside a bag. I always have a tote bag packed away in my bag. Forgotten a carrier bag for the shopping? Boom, My Little Pony Tote Bag. Stealing office supplies? Boom, My Little Pony Tote Bag (Estellosaurus does not condone or support theft).


The bag is a good size, made of a strong material and the detailing is really bright and vibrant. The handles are nice and long so you can easily carry it on your shoulder. The My Little Pony decal makes me smile and reminds me of my childhood. It’s really pretty and colourful as well.

It adds a touch of fun to my outfit.

I accessorised with a messy bun and some adorable Polly Pocket earrings. The pom pom bobble is from the lovely Wear A Rainbow, who I have featured before.(catch up here) The earrings are from Jade Boylan’s Candy Doll Club. The earrings add a little extra nostalgia to my outfit!


What do you think? I’m ready for my breakfast out now!

I’d like to thank Truffle Shuffle for sending me the My Little Pony Tote Bag in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase your own for £6.99 by following this link.

What do you like to wear on a Sunday? Are you off to the Mcdonalds Drive Through in your pyjamas? Get in touch below.

6 thoughts on “Casual Sunday OOTD feat. Truffle Shuffle

  1. Do you know what my favourite bit about this post was? You suggesting stealing office supplies with a My Little Pony tote bag! NO ONE WOULD KNOW! 😛

    Aww Estelle, as always what a lovely post and you always look amazing! 😀 I do really love the tote bag. Truffle Shuffle and Soft Kitty Clothing are the best for geeky clothes. ^_^

  2. Those shoes are amazing! ?? I’ve browsed on Truffle Shuttle’s website many times but never bought anything! 😮 Don’t ask me why. I honestly don’t know – they’re geeky ranges are perfect.

  3. I love this outfit, in particular, the rainbow shoes! I’ve never heard of Truffle Shuffle before but their tote bag is so cute! For this Sunday that’s just gone, I went to Blackpool with my family and dog and had a walk along the seafront.

    Jess xx

  4. If only it was socially acceptable to go out in PJs though, because I totally would 😀 I want some light up trainers! How awesome!! I always loved the ones I had as a kid, and I have a mighty need for some as an adult!! These ones from Dolls Kill are so pretty, lovin’ the rainbow soles! I love the design on the Mary Poppin’s tee <3 it's really lovely, and I love a good quote!

    HAHAHA couldn't stop giggling when I read what you wrote about the office supplies XD The My Little Pony print on the tote bag is gorgeous and so nostalgic! On Sunday's I am wearing what I wear pretty much 90% of the time, PJs or a jumper and leggings 🙂 I practically live in leggings. I really want someone to take me to a McDonald's Drive Thru now! – Sarah x

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