What I Wore – October & November, the Hibernation Edition

Attempting to put together an outfit when you are confined to the bed isn’t an easy task. I am no Elizabeth Taylor in the Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side and I don’t look great in lounge wear. Therefore I have saved all the best outfits from October and November or my hibernation months and popped them in one lazy review of my wardrobe.

Let’s start with some new pyjamas, Primark are always the winner as far as awesome nightwear goes and these My Little Pony pyjamas are no exception. They come with a jumper which I have to confess, I’ve been wearing as regular clothes instead of nightwear.

I really love the little bra top. I get hot in bed as my husband’s body gives off the heat of a thousand suns. I rarely keep a top on all night but I also hate my big boobs flapping around unrestrained, so this little top doesn’t make me too hot and keeps my boobs nicely contained.

I have tried to make an effort every day to get at least get dressed whilst I have been recovering from surgery. I’ve mostly been wearing baggy, comfortable sweatshirts. The Donald Duck and Marie sweatshirts are from Primark. They have a real 90’s vibe to them and are fleece lined so are really warm and cosy. The Sad Ghost Club jumper is from Sad Ghost Club¬†and the Neko Atsume sweater is from Soft Kitty Clothing. If you haven’t downloaded the Neko Atsume game then you totally need too right now!

I’ve ventured out of the house once or twice. My brother and his girlfriend recently visited and we had a mini Christmas! I wore a very cute sweater dress from Asos. It has big stars all over it and a fake dress look underneath. Whilst I was still in cast, I spent a lot of time in leggings, I wore a sweater dress from Primark to the hospital. It has pretty flowers down the sleeves. Early in October whilst it was still warmer I rocked an old Primark Lumberjack shirt. Neil took me out to breakfast one day as well, so I beat the winter blues in a thick wool jumper. Bright blue with a big cat on the front from H & M.

At the end of October, I braved the cold to attend my workplace Awards Night (I didn’t win). I wore a navy maxi dress originally from Monsoon. The last time I wore it, it was so tight it looked like it had been painted on. I think I wore it a bit better this time around!

As always, dinosaurs have been a big part of my wardrobe the last few months. I picked up a dinosaur jumper from the mens section in Asos last year. I rocked some Catasaurus pins from a kickstarter I backed earlier this year (head to my Instagram for info). One of my favourite tshirts this month came from Don’t Feed The Bears and features a Viking bear riding a T-rex!

Other highlights this month include a cute pink bumble bee jumper that my bff Katie got for me. I paired this with a cute cat pin (head to Instagram for details). My NASA t-shirt was from Boohoo and the Marie t-shirt was another Primark gem.

I treated myself to a Lazy Oaf cardigan this month as I was feeling sorry for myself and I think it might be one of my new favourite things ever!


Last up is a H & M sweatshirt that deserves a mention for it’s sheer impractically. It is covered in big faux fur pom poms that my cats spent all day eyeing up! With a big Mickey Mouse face printed on it, it brings a smile to my face whenever I wear it!


There you go, October & November as told by my wardrobe! Do you have any favourites? Get in touch below!


  1. December 2, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    I swear you have the best wardrobe eevveerrr! That pom pom mickey jumper is a thing of dreams!

    • Estelle Stevens
      December 3, 2017 / 1:39 pm

      It is pretty fabulous isn’t it?! I’m just praying it washes ok and the pom noms don’t all fall off!!

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