Valentines Themed Nail Art!

Regardless of whether you love or loathe Valentines Day (or Vastly Overpriced Flowers and Chocolates Day as I like to call it), February 14th is a perfect day to get your themed nail art on. Today I’m showing you 3 easy love themed nail art designs.

Look One


I used:

Love themed water decals from Sea Sells Sea Shells 
Nails Inc Polish – Downtown
Nails Inc Polish – Covent Garden Place
Ciate Polish – Snow Virgin
Makeup Sponge
Collection 2000 Clear Topcoat
Moyou Cuticle Guard

First of all I cut out the decals I wanted from the sheet – this is much easier to do without wet or drying nails! I then used the cuticle guard around all of my nails to allow for easy clean up!

I then painted all my nails white using one coat of Ciate – Snow Virgin, I applied two coats to my ring fingernails as these would be my ‘accent’ nail. I find that when I’m doing ombre nails, having a base coat of a pale polish, or even one of the colours in your ombre helps to make the colours look better and pop more. Ombre on a bare nail can look a bit wishy washy.

Next I used the makeup sponge to create an ombre effect on all of my nails (except for the ring fingers remember?!), I painted Nails Inc – Downtown on one half of the sponge and Nails Inc – Convent Garden Place on the other half, I then gently dabbed it on each nail, repeating the process until I was happy with the coverage.


Using some tweezers, I then held the decal into the water for around 10 seconds, when you pull it out of the water, you should then be able to peel off the decal leaving behind the cardboard backing. Still using the tweezers I placed the decal onto my nail into the position I wanted it in. Generally, once it’s on you can’t reposition so I’d suggest being a bit slow and careful.

Decals will also go onto dry nails, I think they are perfect for freshening a nail look a few days later.

I then peeled the cuticle guard off and tidied up the nail edges with an old eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover. I then applied the clear topcoat. Even if you don’t have any decals, the colours of this look are very valentiney anyway I think.


Look Two


I used:

Moyou London – Princess Plate 10
Moyou London – Stamper and Scraper
Moyou London Polish – Prom Queen
Models Own – Pastel Pink
Nails Inc Polish – Orchard Street
Moyou London – Cuticle Guard
Collection 2000 Clear Topcoat

I started by painting my nails, I used Models Own – Pastel Pink and Nails Inc – Orchard Street.

Then using the Moyou stamping plate – Princess 10, I used Moyou – Prom Queen on the plate, applying some polish, scraping it off then using the stamp I applied it to my ring fingernail, repeating this part of the process for my right hand as well.

I then peeled all the cuticle guard off and applied a topcoat. I love using the stamping sets, they make it so easy to create hundreds of different nail art looks with a minimum amounr of effort. The little hearts on this nail are so tiny and cute. It’s a pretty subtle Valentine look.

Look Three

I dug out some more vinyl stencil stickers for this last Valentine Look


As always, I used Collection 2000 Clear Top Coat and Moyou London Cuticle Guard as well as:

She Sells Sea Shells Heart Vinyl Stencil Stickers
Nails Inc Polish – Downtown
Nails Inc Polish – Covent Garden Place
Models Own Polish – Red Carpet
Makeup Sponge

I started by painting all my nails except my middle and ring fingernails with Models Own – Red Carpet


I then applied the stencils to my middle and ring fingernails. I used the middle of the stencil for one finger and the outside part for the other, creating two different negative space heart shapes.

Using the makeup sponge, I dabbed Nails Inc – Covent Garden Place onto one of the hearts and Nails Inc – Downtown onto the other, I built up the layers until I was happy with the colour and coverage. Once happy, I peeled the stencils off. I had to use tweezers to carefully peel the inside of the heart off so I didn’t smudge the design.

Once dried, I tidied up my nails by peeling the cuticle guard away and cleaning up the edges with an old eyeliner brush dipped in polish remover. I applied a clear top coat to finish.


All of these looks are really easy to create with a few bits and pieces. If you don’t have decals or stencils etc. then simply using reds and pinks to paint your nails can also create love themed nails too.

Which is your favourite? Would you try any of them? Let me know below.



  1. February 14, 2017 / 11:13 pm

    They look brilliant! I wish I could do my nails more. But is a pain with work, I miss my gels. Love your ideas!

    Stacey xxx

    • February 16, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      I was thinking about getting gels the other day. But i like freedom of changing my nails whenever I want! Xx

    • February 24, 2017 / 3:29 pm

      Thank you! I’m not really that good, I’m hoping that I’ll get in enough practice to be much better lol! x

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