Neil's Virtual 5k for Fairy Bricks

My lovely husband Neil is running a charity 5k soon for Fairy Bricks.IMG_1841.JPG

Fairy Bricks are a fantastic charity that I wish had been around when I was a child stuck in hospital. You can find out more about them and the wonderful work they do by heading to their website.

I asked Neil a few questions all about his upcoming charity run.

What is your chosen charity? What will you be doing to raise money for your chosen charity?
My chosen charity is Fairy Bricks and I will be taking part in their Virtual 5K initiative. Participants can chose to run, walk, swim, cycle or anything else for 5 kilometers anywhere they like, any time before 31 August.

Tell us about Fairy Bricks, how did you discover them?
Fairy Bricks is a small charity that raises money to buy Lego so that it can be donated to children’s  wards and hospices all over the country and internationally. I don’t recall where I first heard of them, but we went to BRICK Live 2015 in Birmingham where they had a stand and it is here that I first started talking to them. They were creating a mosaic made from sections of Lego bricks which anyone could contribute too. The finished picture was awesome.

Why have you chosen to raise money for Fairy Bricks?
I loved Lego when I was growing up, and after a number of years without any I have relapsed and started collecting again. I remember how much I got out of Lego when I was a child and would gladly support any cause looking to give that same feeling to children.

I’d love to help them out any way that I can in the future – I am a Chartered Accountant and experienced charity Trustee so have a lot of knowledge to share!

What have you done and what will you be doing to prepare?
For the last few months I have committed to losing weight and getting fit, so compared to 10 weeks ago I am far more prepared! I have been a part of Coach Neale Bergman’s 5am Club since June and, although not specifically for the purpose of the Virtual 5k, this has improved my fitness greatly. Last weekend I ran my first 5k in preparation, the Park Run at Plym Valley. I aim to get in at least 3 more practice runs before the main event.

When and where will you be doing it?
I will be doing the run on 14 August at a venue as yet undecided! Hopefully some of comrades from the 5am Club will join me!

How can we sponsor you?
I’d be really grateful if you could sponsor me at


Look out for an update after Neil has completed his 5k! We’ll let you know how it went and how much he raised!

Want to wish Neil luck? Get in touch below!


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