8 Photos of Happiness

I was tagged by the fabulous Hannah over at Floral Inspired Life to take part in the 8 photos of happiness tag. Thank you Hannah, I had fun looking for my photos!

Rules and Explanations of this tag
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– Link the creator of the tag who is, Ariel’s Little Corner of the internet
– Post your 8 photos of happiness, the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
– Put a brief description of the photo, why you chose it, or let the photos do the talking.
– Lastly, spread the happiness and tag other bloggers!

Estelle’s 8 photos of happiness!

First up is this photo of my and my little brother. Peter was born on my 6th Birthday, let’s just say I wasn’t impressed. Me and this bumhole have had our fair share of ups and down and its fair to say I was pretty hard on my younger brother filling his head with ghost stories and worse. Despite this, I love the stubborn, irritating little sod. I would do anything for him, he’d only have to ask. I’d defend him till the end (Obviously, I’m allowed to slag him off, but you start and I’ll proper thump you). This was taken at Pennywell Farm around 2013 I think.


 The next photo is of my beautiful bridesmaids, left to right we have Katie, Kat, Helen, Emily and Ella. This photo makes me so happy because I had many a sleepless night leading up to the wedding convinced I’d made a horrible mistake by putting all my girls in different dresses in different shades of green. As it was, it was perfect, they look so lovely together. This was the day I met the beautiful Katie in the flesh too – she’d been my penpal for such a long time and knew so much about me that I had to have her there playing an important part in my day. Kat looked gorgeous and her boyfriend took one of my favourite photos of the day. Helen by BFF, my best best girl did a fantastic job as chief bridesmaid and Neil’s cousins Emily and Ella were just perfect (the skinny minnies that they are, but I try not to hold it against them)


 This may seem like an odd photo to choose as one that makes you happy, but, this is me aged around 6 after having corrective surgery on both legs. My doll in the cot next to me also has her legs in cast and a drip, because my mum suggested it to the nurses. This photo makes me feel happy because after I learned to walk again, (wasn’t the first time, wouldn’t be the last) I walked better, it reminds me of my courage and bravery and reminds me that if my 6 year old self can do it, well, hell, my 30 year old self is going to be ok too.


I was gonna pick one of my wedding photos originally, but you can see a whole bunch of my wedding photos here. This is me and my husband Neil on my 30th birthday in May, I adore Neil, he is my best friend and he is everything to me. I have a lot of photos of us together and it was hard to pick just one. He grounds me and accepts me despite my many flaws. Big love to this beardy beaut.

Next up is me and my mum. She is the best mum ever, (you can read a little about her here). She means the world to me and I love her so so much. Also, she recently discovered Youtube, so she’s stepped it up from “googling” everything and has been having a whale of a time watching Sooty and all sorts of music videos.



This is me and my dad at The Shire Horse Centre (devastated when it closed down, but rumour has it is going to reopen!!). My Dad is amazing, he has a genius sense of humour and I have him to thank for my courage, love of tea and genius sense of humour. I recently suggested to my dad that I wouldn’t be needing my wheelchair this year when we go to the flower show, he could just carry me on his shoulders like he used too. I won’t tell you what his response was..


This is me and Helen. I genuinely had trouble picking a photo here, there are so many and every single one brings back a memory, often hilarious, occasionally with a slight wince as I remember the hangover. I love this girl. Just look at our vodka glow!


Last up is this photo of mum and Grandma, this was a month or so (on Christmas Day) before Grandma passed away, Grandma was most thrilled with a pair of purple bed socks she got from my Godmother, she liked them more than the blanket I painstakingly handmade for her. Mum told me and my brother to write Grandma’s name on them so they wouldn’t get lost in the nursing home’s laundry, there were actual tears of laughter as I wrote “Sheila” in massive letters on the bottom of the socks. After a long while of Grandma being elsewhere in her head, Christmas Day she was more coherent and bright than we’d seen her in an age. We miss her craziness every day but she is back with my Grandad so we know she is happy.


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Thank you again for the nomination Hannah!

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