Dear Father Christmas.. 

Dear Father Christmas,

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m not feeling well. We had a lovely takeaway earlier and I managed to watch half of The Muppets Christmas Carol before I was very, very sick. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself now.

How has your year been? It’s been a bit up and down for me. Did you manage to get away this year?

I suppose it’s traditional to tell you that I have behaved moderately this last year. Therefore I am pretty confident that I have made the cut for the nice list. I’d like to humbly request a kitten (boy, Siamese, Seal Point for preference), a pony – one of the miniature kind as we are pushed for space, a dolls house and a puppy, ideally a Pug or a Boston Terrier.

Thank you for the new hip that I asked for last Christmas, I’m taking good care of it. I kind of need a new right ankle but I’m happy to take the kitten instead, I don’t want to be greedy.

As I have reminded you previously, don’t forget that our chimney has been blocked off so you’ll need to use another route in. Also, the milk is now lactose free, so I’ve spared you that this year. If you fancy it there’s a bottle of very expensive vodka in the fridge – help yourself.

I hope Christmas night goes smoothly for you this year and that you remembered to check your list twice. I refer you to the list of people who have been naughty to me this year that I have sent previously.

Give my love to Mrs Christmas, the Elves and Reindeer.

Lots of love Estelle




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