Sunny Weekends in Cornwall

This weekend Neil and I went to Cornwall (as did every bugger else and his granny if the traffic was anything to go by), the weather was lovely and Cornwall is really peaceful and picturesque. Read on to find out what I got up too.

We travelled down on Saturday afternoon after I’d had my hair done, I also went curly for a change (I usually have it straightened at the hair dressers) and my hair felt super soft and bouncy.


It took around 3 hours to get down to St. Just – everyone seemed to have picked Saturday afternoon to travel into Cornwall. It usually takes about two hours. Luckily, I had Spotify all loaded with my Musicals playlist so I was able to serenade Neil on the way down.

On Saturday night, I watched Britain’s Got Talent and ate jelly and ice cream. I was pretty disappointed with the outcome – the choir were my favourite.


On Sunday morning we got up and headed into Penzance, I wanted to walk along the promenade. It was another fabulous day and we stopped by the Jubilee Pool which has just been refurbished following the battering it got in the storms a while ago. We walked along the prom a little way and Neil wouldn’t let me go rock pooling. (something about danger and the tide being in, blah blah blah)

We then headed up into the town for a little walk around. We saw a man being “spoken to” by the police, he was just telling them the reason he was being argumentative was because he was “blind in one ear”.

Neil then took drove me to Pendeen to show me the bungalow he spent the first few years of his life causing trouble in.

I then requested we go and look for Ross Poldark, the BBC used rather alot of artistic licence during filming of Poldark, so we popped along to look at Levant Mine, where some of the filming was done

Levant MineΒ is a National Trust Site:

Part of Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Site, this is the only Cornish beam engine anywhere in the world that is still in steam on its original mine site.

The famous Levant engine is housed in a small engine house perched on the edge of the cliffs.

Restored after 60 idle years by a group of volunteers known as the ‘Greasy Gang’, it is a thrilling experience for young and old alike to see this old engine in action, with its evocative sounds and smells.

We didn’t go into the actual mine (an adult ticket for a non NT member is Β£8.00) accessibility for the disabled isn’t ideal, although there is mobility parking which will put you on a level access. It’s really beautiful here and well worth a visit for the scenery alone.

I spent most of the rest of the day in Neil’s nan’s back garden. There are tonnes of daisies and buttercups in the garden, so I made myself a cheeky flower crown. I also spent a good proportion of my afternoon freeing the dandelions (or, kicking the clocks all over the garden because I love to watch them float off!


I also decided to attract birds to the birdhouse in the garden, it’s a very nice birdhouse but personally I feel it is a little bit like a tiny bird Alcatraz, I figured that filling it with bread and flowers would convince the birds they wouldn’t be imprisoned there like Sirius Black in Alcatraz. I even cleaned the bird bath out to provide real luxury for the birds.

As well as the copious amounts of bread roll I flung around the garden in my bid to attract wildlife, I also tried to make friends with a cat by throwing bits of beef and chicken around too. So there is quite a chance I will also have attracted foxes and rats (sorry about that Christine)…IMG_0014

So that was my weekend in sunny Cornwall. What did you get up to this Bank Holiday Weekend? Let me know below!



  1. June 4, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    It sounds like you had such a lovely time in Cornwall πŸ™‚ This is a great post, I giggled at all way through reading it! I’m glad I’m not the only one that serenades people when listening to my Musical playlist XD hahaha ‘blind in one ear’, that’s hilarious! Lucky you that you got to visit where some of Poldark was filmed; I love all of the photos you took around the Levant Mine πŸ™‚

    PS- Your hair is lookin’ gorgeous by the way <3

    • June 4, 2016 / 3:13 pm

      Neil loves my singing! I’d never been to Levant and I’m thinking of getting Neil go take me properly one day, I love history and I think it would be really interesting xx

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