What I Wore – June

In the interest of honesty, I spent alot of June feeling sorry for myself, my mental health hasn’t been brilliant lately, nor my physical health so I’ve spent a huge amount of time scrubbing around in leggings or pyjamas. However, there have been a few outfit highlights in June.

June had some mad weather, one week I was so cold I was wearing my coat in work, the week after it was so hot that parts of that I didn’t know could sweat, sweated. The week after? Back to jumpers and a blanket on the bed!

My mum treated me to some fabulous trainers from Boohoo, these cuties feature silver stars, gold bumblebees and a mermaid green heel. They were only £15.00 as well! Thanks Mum.

Evenings have been unbearably warm some nights so painting my nails was tricky throughout June. I stayed away from nail art and just went for simple coloured nails.

Primark has been good to me lately as well. The My Little Pony top was a birthday gift from my very lovely friend Katie. I picked up the Mermaid Shells top in Manchester just before my birthday in May and with the last of my birthday money, I also picked up the Pikachu Pokemon pyjamas at the end of May as well.

I also picked up a skirt from the Gap outlet store in Freeport, Fleetwood. I’ve since put it in my “to be Ebayed” pile as I didn’t think it looked very good on me – it was a denim wrap around maxi skirt. I just looked like a potato in it! The day I wore it, I was out and about so I wore a plain grey vest from Primark and used my new Bleeding Hearts Club bag, you can read a review of it here.

Pins this month are from Compoco Pop – I won a pair of them in an Instragram giveaway last year! My amazing Jessica Fletcher pin is from Thread Famous definitely check them out – they have some amazing pins and other bits and pieces!

I picked up a couple of tops from Boohoo a while ago, I had a voucher code for 25% off, so I couldn’t resist! Boohoo have some lovely pieces, but I have found once or twice that the sizing can be a bit hit or miss. I picked up a very nice long sleeved, purple star print top and a cute grey vest – although I’m definitely not wearing the vest in the sun, it would give me hilarious tan lines! I’ve also been wearing a bright pink neon tshirt that I got in the Gap outlet – neon colours are brilliant!

June saw me change my hair colour and seek refuge from the random cold snap in a Studio Ghibli, Totoro hoodie that I got from Amazon last year.

I also picked up some bits from Geek La Chic, including an oversized Care Bears tshirt, it even has a heart on the butt! Featuring a Care Bear sleeping on a burger, it’s been perfect for doing nothing in! Also, look out next month for the other AMAZING thing I picked up from Geek La Chic!

There you have it. What June looked like as told by my clothes! Have you picked up anything new last month? Get in touch below.


  1. July 14, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Yay! Love these posts! Those trainers are fab! Love all your outfits! Xxx

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