Big Book Haul

Today I treated myself to some books in Waterstones. I love books, they are my happy, safe place. I thought I would share what I picked up today. All these wonderful books were purchased in the Waterstones in Truro.

Neil’s first mistake was to leave me alone to browse. I am like a small child in a room full of sweets, I’m putting my sticky fingers everywhere (For the record, I would NEVER put sticky fingers anywhere near any of my books, I’m just trying to paint a picture!).

The first thing I picked up was a notebook. This one is rather lovely, it is made with recycled paper (yay for the environment) and has that proper blue lined-red margin paper inside. Beautiful.

I haven’t decided what I will use this for, I already own a substantial amount of notebooks, maybe I will finally get around to writing that book I always tell myself I am going to write.

The first part of the shop contained lots of creative goodies, so it’s no surprise that the next two books caught my eye. I already own a few of these titles by Chronicle Books, today I added 642 Things to Colour and 642 Things to Write About Me to that collection.


642 Things to Colour has some gorgeous colouring prompts including donuts, a jungle, a Scottie dog, jellyfish, an elephant, a garden and much, much more,

Obviously, I am especially fond of the dinosaur!

642 Things to Write About Me is equally as fabulous, writing prompts include “Describe every place you’ve ever lived in one word?”, “What year was your year of maximum coolness?”. I am definitely going to be taking this into hospital next week because I think it will keep me nice and distracted!

Neil arrived at this point and dragged me away from that section of the bookshop. He had found a book for me! I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland so he figured I would probably enjoy Alice by Christina Henry. The Guardian quote on the front cover says:

A deeply unsettling vision that works..thanks to Henry’s complete characterisation of Alice

The book sounds awesome just from the blurb on the back cover. I am pretty excited to read this. It sounds right up my street.


As that book was ‘buy one, get one half price’, of course I had to pick up another one, else it wouldn’t be a bargain would it?? So my next choice was Fellside by M.R Carey. I have previously read The Girl With All The Gifts by the same author, which I thoroughly enjoyed – it’s an interesting take on the zombie apocalypse genre, so I have high hopes for this one. I also see that The Girl With All The Gifts is being made into a movie, which I hope will do the book justice. Fellside is set on the Yorkshire moors and is described as:

Incredibly Creepy

by Heat Magazine – so thanks to them for that insight..


The next book that caught my eye was the pink paged 50th Anniversary edition of Valley of the Dolls. Now, Valley of the Dolls is hands down one of my favourite ever books, I have read it so many times that I wore out one copy and had to have a new copy, which also had a special  edition cover. This 50th Anniversary edition is perfect and I can’t wait to read it again. It a wonderful pop-culture story of friendship, sex, pills and backstabbing. It is bold and brave and if you haven’t read it then I urge you to do so.


Neil saw the next book – Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah, which is a new Hercule Poirot mystery. I have read Sophie Hannah’s first Poirot book – The Monogram Murders which I enjoyed so I was pretty excited when I saw a new book was coming out. This version is signed by the author too so that’s pretty cool. I adore Agatha Christie, so this nod to the great by Sophie Hannah should be another good read. Neil treated me to this one – thank you!


At this point I was ushered gently towards the till by my husband. I was struggling to carry my purchases. Luckily, I still had a finger free to be able to grab my last items! Whoever decided to put treats near the till was a genius because I was definitely drawn to these things I didn’t really need!

I have loved the modern Ladybird books – they are incredibly funny and spot on and when I was a kid I had a lot of Ladybird titles, so this colouring book is a wonderful nod to those titles that I knew and loved as a child. Of course I needed some pencils to go with this book so I treated myself to a set of neon colouring pencils too!


So that’s what I got today. I think these purchases will keep me busy over the next few weeks during my recovery.

Do you have any of these books? What new books do you have you eye on? Get in touch below. You can also check out some books I have reviewed previously here and here.





  1. September 15, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    Love your haul! I went in Waterstones the other day and didn’t realise how much more than books they do. Normally am trying to reign Josie in when there but was Josie free that day so got to look round! Defo wrote reviews as the books especially Alice look great. Please make sure you find a plushie ostrich though before you come home xxx

    • September 15, 2016 / 10:23 pm

      I’m hopeful for something plushie even if it’s not an ostrich 😂. I will definitely be writing a few reviews, gonna get a lot of reading done over the next few months!! Xx

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