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A few weeks ago I had a bit of a splurge in Lush. I wanted to treat myself before my surgery (catch up with that here) so I picked up a lovely selection of bath bombs, shower gels and fragrances. Read on to see what I treated myself too.

A couple of my purchases were from their brand new range. I attended a Lush Bloggers Event where I learned about some of the new and exciting products including their new Jelly Face Masks – you can see what I thought of 1000 Millihelens in this post. I was pretty impressed with the Jelly Mask range so I picked up another – The Birth of Venus, priced at £6.95 (considering how much you can get out of these little pots, I think this is a bargain). The Birth of Venus promises to tone, refresh, smooth and balance. I used this the other day as my face was looking and feeling very greasy and it definitely did the trick.

Another of the new summer products is the rather lovely Bubble Spinner – clearly jumping on the fidget spinner craze this bubble bar is lovely reusable bubble bar – it even spins! Smelling of lemons and limes and providing lots of bubbly fun.

I picked up a few bath bombs as well. Cheer Up Buttercup and Over and Over. Cheer up Buttercup has a beautiful citrus smell and Over and Over is coated in cocoa butter to leave your skin soft and smelling of lime and fennel oil – wonderful!

My right leg is currently encased in plaster, so I’ve not had a chance to use the bath bombs or bubble bars – bath time is a rather undignified affair at the moment with one leg hanging out of the bath, I’ve not been inclined to spend too much time in there but I am very much looking forward to using them all soon.

I also picked up a Kalamazoo for Neil – he’s been using it for a while now and he swears by it. It keeps his beard in smashing condition (and smelling nice too). I treated myself to a Rose Jam which is a lovely body spray smelling of rose and geranium and a hint of lemon. This scent is gorgeous, so floral and fresh and the smallest spray of it really does last all day.

I grabbed a tub of Whoosh – a wonderful citrus flavoured shower jelly. Packed with lime and grapefruit it smells amazing, and the scent lingers long after you are washed and dressed. It’s nice and cooling and is really refreshing to wash with, and the jelly makes it super fun to wash with as well. I also picked up a bar the Rainbow bar of fun. A super versatile mouldable soap that works just as well as a shampoo and bubble bar. It smells beautiful and is so much fun to use. I am having slight problems storing it though, so if anyone has any tips on how they store Fun, please let me know below!

And that is my Lush haul! What Lush products have you picked up lately? Get in touch below.



  1. October 22, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    Ooo that Bubble Spinner looks and sounds so awesome; I need one! I’ve not tried any of the Lush body sprays yet, but I am definitely tempted after reading your post 🙂 Oooo please share a review of the Rainbow Bar of Fun when you use it! I have been curious about these bars for a whie now so I’d love to hear all about what you think. They look so bright and how fun that you can make things out of it! Great post as always lovely x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  2. October 23, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Some fab choices here! I saw the spinner last time I went in but decided to go with a regular bathbomb instead. There’s nothing like a good bath with a bathbomb! x

    • November 14, 2017 / 9:43 am

      I agree, I love a bath bomb! I can’t wait to be up on my feet again so I can pick up some more!

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