Favourite Festive Films

Festive Films are practically a staple of the Christmas Period, it is almost compulsory to watch a Christmas movie during the festive season. Everyone has their favourites and these are a few of mine. Elf I have to start with Elf. I am pretty sure that most people have seen… View Post

Dear Father Christmas.. 

Dear Father Christmas, It’s Christmas Eve and I’m not feeling well. We had a lovely takeaway earlier and I managed to watch half of The Muppets Christmas Carol before I was very, very sick. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself now. How has your year been? It’s been a bit… View Post

An Estellosaurus Christmas

I’ve always loved Christmas but this year it feels different, I’ve not experienced that Christmassy moment and not for the want of trying. My decorations are up, I’ve watched Christmas films and Christmas specials and I’ve listened to some classic Christmas tunes and yet I still can’t seem to feel… View Post