My Trip to Blackpool

If you read my recent post about my visit to Manchester (you didn’t? Well, catch up here), you’ll know that Mum and I also spent a few days in Blackpool where we visited my brother, Pete and his girlfriend  Amy – they had just got back from Disney World so… View Post

What I Wore – June

In the interest of honesty, I spent alot of June feeling sorry for myself, my mental health hasn’t been brilliant lately, nor my physical health so I’ve spent a huge amount of time scrubbing around in leggings or pyjamas. However, there have been a few outfit highlights in June. June… View Post

Bleeding Hearts Club Tote Bag – Review

The lovely people from Bleeding Hearts Club recently sent me a personalised tote bag to try. The Bleeding Hearts Club have a gorgeous little Etsy shop that you can visit here where you can also purchase things like notebooks, hand stitched embroidery wall art and more. Bleeding Hearts Club was born. Born… View Post

Sunny Weekends in Cornwall

This weekend Neil and I went to Cornwall (as did every bugger else and his granny if the traffic was anything to go by), the weather was lovely and Cornwall is really peaceful and picturesque. Read on to find out what I got up too. We travelled down on Saturday… View Post