What I Wore – August

As a proper British girl, now that we are in September I have been using the following phrases “can you believe it’s already September”, “soon be Christmas” and “ooh, what happened to the Summer”. This can only mean it’s time to recap what I was wearing in August.

Mum and I went to see Funny Girl at the start of the month (review here). My dress came from Yumi (and I featured on their social media after sharing it on Instagram!). It’s a Boston Terrier pattern and is a rather flattering fit, nicely hiding my blobs. I added a little book themed pin from Fable & Black.

I also attended my first ever blogging event at the start of August at Lush (catch up here) where I wore one of my favourite ever dresses – a dungaree, pinafore dress, mustard yellow and covered in dinosaurs from Thunderegg , underneath I wore a little stripey tshirt I picked up in TK Maxx in Manchester way back in May.

I obviously added a few cute pins, one from Punky Pins and the other from the lovely Box Monster – head to my Instagram for links.

I rocked a few different nail art styles, I’ve been breaking my nails alot lately but I’ll be giving them a break this month whilst I’m in hospital. Pop over to my Instagram for details of brands!

This month I decided I was fed up of my pink and orange hair – my roots were shocking and as I’m naturally dark, the light orange against my dark brown wasn’t looking too good and it just looked a bit dirty all the time. For my last outing with very bright hair, I wore a cute pink tshirt covered in little cat faces – the last time I wore it I had to wear a vest underneath as it quite a short cut and I felt pretty self conscious, but I have lost a teeny bit of weight so I felt comfortable (ish) enough to wear it alone paired with some Gap jeans and very sparkly trainers.


I spent alot of time in my pyjamas and this month I slubbed around in some very fancy leggings, I got one pair from Junique, I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be for yoga but I find the material and high waist perfect for holding my tummy in and lying around. They are amazingly comfortable. I also got some mermaid leggings from Soft Kitty where I also got a Pusheen tshirt in the sale.

As always, I wore alot of cat themed things this month. The weather is on the change too so I’ve transitioned from vests to tshirts and jackets! One of my outfit highlights this month was a My Little Pony skirt by Interrobangart which I wore with a tshirt Neil got me which features a little suprise in the pocket!

Neil went away to Birmingham earlier in August and treated me to an absolute gem of a dress from Cath Kidston. It’s covered in tiny guinea pigs. Look out for it’s matching cardigan as the weather gets colder! I wore it for a trip to Cornwall!

What will you be wearing now that winter is on it’s way? How soon will you be dusting off your Christmas jumpers? Get in touch below!


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