What I Wore – February

February was a weird month, it mostly rained or was really windy or was really cold, or was really cold, rainy and windy all at the same time.

I went out for dinner with some lovely ladies I used to work with at the start of the month. It wasn’t really a dressy occasion but I was desperate to wear this sequin bomber jacket I’d picked up earlier last year! I kept everything else pretty simple – dark blue jeans from Gap and a plain black vest from H&M


This jacket is by Boohoo and sadly no longer available – however you can pick up this very similiar one for £40 from Boohoo.

We went out for dinner again early in the month with some friends of Neil’s. I wore an amazing Care Bears shirt from Ironfist and added some cute cat pins from Punky Pins to the collar. Ironfist currently have a very cute selection of Care Bears themed items.

Neil and I went bed shopping this month, I lay on a lot of beds that day, I wanted to wear my pyjamas as that’s obviously what I’d wear in bed and obviously the best way to test out beds. Unfortunately, I had to put actual clothes on. My jacket came from Asos, and my jumper is a huge baggy knitted jumper that is so comfortable and hides all my chub so thats an added bonus. It is from H&M a few years ago and has lasted really well.


This month saw me put into a uniform at work. I started off with a hideous blue shirt and straight skirt, also blue with a matching blue (and scratchy) cardigan. There was a lot of blue going on. So obviously I changed my hair colour and swiftly discovered that I could have a plain navy shift dress as part of the uniform. They are much nicer and I’m feeling a little less self concious in the dress!

I wore a blue t-shirt to have my hair done – I’m always worried that hair dye or bleach may get on my clothes so I tend to wear older stuff (that said, I’ve never once been accidentally dyed by my hairdresser!), this t-shirt was a Christmas present one year from Neil and I think it came from Grindstore. You can pick up something similar here.


The weekend before last I went to get my eyes tested and get some new glasses. I dug out a tshirt I’d got last year but not worn yet – it’s cropped and I don’t feel fabulous enough to wear it on its own so I chucked a vest on underneath. The tshirt was from Pull & Bear. I love a cat themed outfit as you may realise if you read this post. I won the cute space themed pins in an Instagram competition from Compoco Pop.

I rocked a decent selection of accessories this month too, including a giant velvet hairband which I wrote about in this post and a fabulous Balloonicorn pin from Mamummylife and I also got back into creating some artwork on my nails. Find out how I did the valentine nails in this post.

I spent some time in pyjamas this month and I also got to wear some gorgeous surgical stockings as I had to have another little operation this month. Luckily, I was in and out of the hospital on the same day.

Lastly, I’d like to give a special mention to this hoodie that I bought an age ago that had its first outing when we went shopping the other week.


Do you have a favourite pair of pyjamas? What outfits have you been rocking this month? Get in touch below.



  1. March 9, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    I want your wardrobe! You have the bestest clothes and a fantastic style

    Stacey xxx unicornfairy.net

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