What I Wore – March

As we are now a whopping 6 days into April, I thought I’d recap what I’ve been sitting around doing nothing in throughout March.

My body confidence hasn’t been great this last month. I’ve felt like all my clothes are too small and look silly on me, so it’s been pretty tough.

At the very start of March I collected some new glasses, they came from Boots Opticians and as always, the customer service was fabulous. I’ve gone for a large, dark, geeky style frame as I feel that is what suits me best. After we’d collected my glasses I treated Neil to lunch! I wore this very comfy faux-shirt-under-jumper that came from Primark, these are a bit of a wardrobe staple of mine if I’m honest, I love this jumper style!

Although the weather has been getting a bit warmer this last week, March was pretty crappy. It rained alot and was pretty chilly some days so I dug out this knitted jumper dress from H & M that I picked up in a sale last year. Teamed with some thick tights and boots I was feeling pretty cosy. As my outfit was very grey that (I looked like an angry raincloud), I painted my nails red with Bowie inspired decals.

I changed my nail polish a lot during March – sitting and painting my nails relaxes and distracts me so I guess I needed that last month!

Early in March I treated myself to an AMAZING coat from New Look. It is metallic pink and beautiful! I am properly in love with it. It’s a lovely rain mac, so totally practical as well.


One of my new favourite purchases was a jumper from Primark, I saw my lovely friend Katie wearing it on Twitter I had to know where it came from, I think I went out to get it that weekend! It’s a lovely soft, knitted jumper in a pale baby blue, with gorgeous embroidery around the neck. It was so comfortable to wear, really lovely and soft!

You can read about my fabulous green hair bow in this post. Huge thanks to Katie for telling me where she got this jumper!

March was a big month for accessorising. Including some fabulous pins (as always, right?) – head to my Instagram for the pin details, a gorgeous mermaid scarf from Boohoo, some cute hair accessories and mermaid hats!

I picked up some very cool pyjamas from Asos as well, you could say that I look like the cat’s pyjamas in them (I know, I’m hilarious, when I came downstairs wearing them and shared this nugget with Neil, he just kind of looked at me whilst I laughed and laughed).

I wore a lovely cold shoulder dress covered in cats when we shopped one evening, I’ve had it for maybe 12 months and never worn it – I think it makes my boobs look an odd shape. It’s from Henry Holland at Debenhams. I teamed it with a cute little cardigan with nautical stars on the sleeves.

Neil got me this Cath Kidston jumper recently, it’s also covered in cats. I own a lot of cat themed clothing actually. It’s a little bit cropped and I’m pretty self conscious of my tummy so I popped a simple striped vest on underneath.


I also rocked this striped, long sleeved top from Primark. I’ve got a few of these and they’ve lasted really well despite numerous washes. They are so cheap and comfortable and perfect for doing what I do best – sitting down and doing nothing.


Boom. There you have it, March in outfits. How has your March been? Are you excited about getting into your summer wardrobe? Get in touch below.


  1. April 6, 2017 / 6:43 pm

    Love all of your styles! Cat jumper is fab! Loving the pyjamas. Your nails always look so lovely too xxx

    • April 13, 2017 / 4:34 pm

      Thank you lovely! I treated myself to some pyjamas this month! xx

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