What I Wore – September

Urgh. It’s officially Autumn. The worst time of year, it’s wet and damp and there are gross wet leaves everywhere and spiders and Summer isn’t quite done so when you wake up freezing and dress accordingly, by the time lunch rolls around you are a sweaty mess because the weather has decided to plunge us back into August again. Yuck.

The one good thing about this time of year is that you can happily make that transition into oversized sweatshirts, woolly jumpers and bobble hats but before that finally happens I’m taking a look back at my September wardrobe choices.

Early on in September we went to a quiz night, it was pretty casual but I was desperate for an excuse to wear my sequin jacket from Geek La Chic, it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever worn, with shimmery two-tone mermaid sequins that you can also brush the opposite way for plain black sequins. It’s a bomber style jacket and I love it! I also took my Polly Pocket bag (from Truffle Shuffle) for it’s first outing.

I was pretty colourful throughout September to be honest, I picked up a velvet, unicorn, rainbow bomber jacket (!!!!) from Boohoo an age ago and I wore it for the first time last month. Another jumper I’ve had for ages and not worn is a fleecy jumper from Asos, it has the word “unicorn” emblazoned across it along with a little unicorn face on the sleeve. Sticking with the unicorn theme, I wore my Unisex baseball tshirt designed by the fabulous Innabox one day when we went out for breakfast!

If you follow my outfit posts, you’ll know that I spent alot of time in pyjamas and this month was no exception. Primark always have an amazing selection of Primark and I always end up picking up more whenever we go in!

Mermaid leggings have also featured quite heavily in my life recently. I’ve picked up a few pairs from Soft Kitty – they are shiny and comfortable. They have a high waist and are quite thick so they don’t go see through on your bum when you bend over which is always a bonus.

Neil took me out for dinner for our anniversary the other week. We went to Prezzo so I decided not to be extra and wear another sparkly jacket, but a baby pink biker style jacket from H&M instead with a cute, lightweight, knitted tshirt from New Look, which was also nice and loose which helped with all the pasta I ate for dinner that night!

Other outfit highlights this month include a literally dreamy jumper from a Mercht campaign from Pearl Planet Shop, a mermaid tshirt from New Look and my new favourite tshirt, emblazoned with some excellent advice that came from The Trimbs. I also picked up a very cool cat ears bobble hat from Asos!

Since my operation last week, I’ve mostly been wearing nighties and scruffy leggings so I don’t know how exciting my October outfits will be!

Are you embracing Autumn? Have you got the woolly tights out yet or are you still gripping a tight hold on your flip flops? Get in touch below!


  1. October 8, 2017 / 10:06 am

    Girl I love your style so damn much! So kawaii! 😀 That sequin jacket is to die for, as well as all the mermaid leggings. I’ve got a couple of pairs from Black Milk Clothing BUT I’m loving the look of the Soft Kitty ones. I may have to order myself some very soon… Maybe a dress too. 😉

    You should do a massive post about all the best places to buy kawaii pieces from! 😀


  2. October 22, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    I love that jacket from Geek La Chic SO MUCH!! You look fabulous in it <3 That Unisex tee is really cute, I want one! I'm lovin' those grey My Little Pony PJ's from Primark too… Primark are so amazing for PJ's at the moment! There's so many that I want!!

    You look soooo adorable in that cat bobble hat ^.^ I have a mighty need for some mermaid leggings in my life! I really love your style :3 – Sarah x

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