The lovely folks over at Baker Days recently sent me a gluten free letterbox cake to try!

Baker Days are based in Nottinghamshire and provide a whole selection of celebration cakes with hundreds of different designs, lots of flavour combinations and an customisable options so you can treat pretty much everyone to a gorgeous cake.

Baker Days even offer gluten free and dairy free cakes as well.

I was allowed to choose my flavour and design for my very own letterbox cake. A letterbox cake made with traditional sponge will set you back £14.99 with different sponge options costing a little more – the gluten free sponge costs £16.99. There are lots of different delivery options as well.

I went for the gluten free version with a design based on the Brightside Cards, that was also personalised with my name!


I checked with Baker Days how they are able to prepare and send gluten free  and dairy free cakes without the risk of cross contamination. Baker Days advised:

Both of these cakes are made with a Gluten and Wheat free recipe. They are baked by our partner, Gluten Free Kitchen, and are prepared offsite in their specialist bakery. Our Gluten and Wheat free cakes come with regular buttercream, whilst our Dairy Free cakes come with a layer of Jam instead.

So that’s really good news. My cake arrived quickly and is as it’s name would suggest – letterbox sized so you don’t need to worry about being in to receive it, or your chosen recipient being in!

Inside the box was my lovely cake in a smart little tin, some candles, balloons and one of those party blower thingies! I had great fun blowing this into my husbands face, until the cat caught it and destroyed it by batting it up and down the living room.

The cake is sealed in plastic and sat on a cake board, it even comes with a handy pull tab so you don’t make a mess pulling the cake from the tin. The cake will keep for around 3 days in it’s cute tin.

So how did it taste? Pretty good actually! There is always a worry that a manufactured cake won’t have that homemade taste that makes a cake so lovely. The Baker Days letterbox cake tasted homemade. The gluten free cake wasn’t too dry (wheat free cakes often can be stodgy and dry) and had a good amount of jammy filling. My non gluten free husband really enjoyed the cake – telling me that it didn’t taste at all gluten free – he has a very discerning sweet tooth!


Depending on how big you like your portion of cake – you’d get around 5 decent size slices from this cake. We enjoyed our cake with a cup of tea and an episode of Doctor Who!

Baker Days also offer cupcakes, bigger cakes, personalised balloons and more. You can really celebrate a whole variety of occassions with these lovely cakes.

I would definitely recommend a Baker Days Letterbox cake to celebrate everything! Or simply treat yourself just because it’s a Friday!IMG_0407

Have you tried a Baker Days cake? What is your favourite cake flavour? Get in touch below.

Baker Days sent me a free letterbox cake to try in exchange for my honest review. You can visit their website here and don’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Baker Days Letterbox Cake – Review

  1. I’ve seen Letterbox Cakes before! I think they are such a cute idea, and always look really nice. I love the design on yours and think it’s great that they sent the candles, balloons and the party blower thing with it, too! I have a random obsession with things in tins so I just love the fact that it comes in a tin 🙂 It sounds awesome, and it’s fab that they make gluten free & dairy free cakes too.

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. I love that more and more companies are catering for people with food allergies, it makes things so much easier! All the little bits that came with made it that bit more special too xx

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