At the weekend Neil and I tried one of Plymouth’s newest restaurants – Bonne Santé. It opened recently in the old Customs House on Plymouth’s Barbican. Most excitingly for me, their entire menu is completely gluten free. It can often be difficult for a coeliac to eat out safely, so knowing that I now have a brand new option available to me is really great.


Bonne Santé say this about themselves:

We have set our goal to provide a relaxing health food haven, for the nutritious food conscious diners, to drink, dine & unwind, whilst enjoying a fruitful selection of freshly cooked food and carefully selected beverages.

Whether you are looking for Breakfast and Coffee or Dinner and Cocktails, we have it covered. We boast to offer a formal yet relaxed setting, with customer experience being at the front of our priorities.

Our food menu and recipes have been thought-out and practiced over a number of years, producing the menu we have today, of which includes the target of reducing saturated fats, refined sugar, and the other baddies and a firm focus on an increase of the crucial body engineering nutrients, like proteins, vitamins, and health-boosting fats. Helping you live that healthy lifestyle even when socialising with friends.

And to top all of this, we have produced our menu entirely GLUTEN FREE, making easy pickings for an individual that follows a gluten-free lifestyle.

Basically, Bonne Santé is all about clean, healthy and tasty food. Head to their website for menus and more information.


Neil and I visited on a Sunday, it was very rainy and we were there just after 0900 when it opened, so it was really quiet.

We were greeted by a very friendly lady who showed us to a seat. Our drinks orders were taken and the drinks arrived quickly. We were given time to look at the menu and it didn’t feel rushed.

The menu is really good, it explains calorie and protein content. There’s a nice selection with a wide variety.

Neil went for the Hunters Breakfast. You get two lean pork sausages, a turkey meatball, poached eggs,  baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and some cheese on toast made with their “skinny cheese”.


I obviously tried the cheese on toast – the bread they use is amazing! I also had a try of the meatball and sausages. They were really nice, especially the meatball.

For myself I picked freshly grilled sweet potato toast with peanut butter, sliced apple and crushed nuts. I’ve never considered putting these three things together. After having eaten it at Bonne Sante, I feel like I’ve wasted a large chunk of my life by not eating sweet potato, peanut butter and apple together. It was one of the nicest breakfasts I have ever had. It filled me up without being too much. and was just so tasty.


The food is reasonably priced and arrived quickly. Obviously, I don’t know what the service is like when it is busy. Its a wide open space inside with plenty of elbow room. There are two steps up to the entrance though and the Barbican is very cobbled and I couldn’t see wheelchair access, but possibly if you called or dropped in and asked, they may well have a ramp that can be set up.


All in all, I really enjoyed my breakfast. It was really tasty and the atmosphere in Bonne Santé is really calming. I will definitely be going back. Knowing I can eat there safely as a coeliac is really good as well. We will be going back soon to try their lunch/dinner options.

Have you tried Bonne Sante yet? What did you think? Get in touch below.

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  1. The food looks lovely, and excellent they do all gluten free. I wouldn’t have thought of alot of these together like the turkey meatball and the cheese on toast but fab ideas. Yours sounded lovely too, you will be bulk buying sweet potato next 🙂 love peanut butter and apple together but hadn’t thought of it with sweet potato too. You will have to try a lunch there too x

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