Today I am talking about the amazing Sugar & Sloth Pin Party subscription box. It’s been a few weeks since this months arrived so hopefully I’m not giving you any spoilers! If you haven’t received your March subscription box, then you should read the rest of this with your eyes closed to avoid any spoilers!


Sugar & Sloth is a fabulous British designer, her ranges includes enamel pins, mugs, cards and more. The Pin Party Subscription box is delivered monthly, with a brand new pin design. It includes the pin, a button badge, a sticker and a butt load of confetti.


The box costs £8.00 per month (£12.00 for international subscribers) with free shipping. You can cancel at any time. I love a subscription box and this might be the best one I ever signed up for! Each month, the theme is announced. The theme for March was “Unappreciated Animals”.

I am always excited when the theme is announced. I can’t wait to see what pin I will get.

The button badge features the cutest platypus and the sticker has an adorable blobfish!

One of the things I really love is that the pin itself is wrapped in it’s own little bag. It prolongs the surprise and I love ripping it open to see what the pin looks like! There is a little card that comes in the box. It’s a little fact file about the pin or theme and is also beautifully designed.

Did you know that Mole Rats don’t feel pain?! They are also unbelievably cute if this pin is anything to go by!


Cute right?! Everything in the box is beautifully designed and created. You can really see the love behind it. You can shop the entire range of Sugar & Sloth products in her Etsy shop.

Find Sugar & Sloth for stuff that’s awesome:





Sign up now for your own Sugar & Sloth Pin Party subscription box here. April’s theme is Panda Pizza Party!

What do you think of this amazing subscription box? Are you starting to appreciate blobfish more now? Leave me a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Sugar & Sloth Pin Party

  1. Omgosh this looks absolutely amazing!! After my holiday is out of the way, I seriously need to sign up to this!! Getting colourful confetti inside packages always makes me more excited for the contents, I don’t know why hahaha it’s just so bright and that makes me happy XD I am lovin’ every single thing in this subscription box, however I think the blobfish sticker might be my favourite thing and I wish that it was available in pin form! I’m so looking forward to your next Sugar & Sloth Pin Party post 🙂

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. It’s such a good price as well for this little box, its my new favourite subscription!! I love the Blobfish too! x

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