Dear Mum,

This Mothers Day I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for always being my cheerleader, for loving me unconditionally, for ensuring that my brother and I had the best childhood we could have possibly had.

I know that as a disabled child, teenager and now adult, things have not always been easy and I’m so grateful that you accept me for what I am and make me proud to be your daughter.17137_449331660156_394691_n

I’d like to apologise for the secret house parties I had when you, Dad and Peter went away (although, I’m pretty sure the neighbour grassed me up!). I’m sorry for that time I cut my hair when I was little and pretended Alison did it. I’m sorry for all the “Must try harders” on my school reports, I’m sorry for all the tattoos I keep getting (although, Mum, I’m going to get more and I’m sorry for that too). I’d like to apologise for the times I came home drunk and wasn’t as quiet as I thought I was. I’m sorry that I tied my brother to a chair and tortured him, I’m sorry for telling him stories that made him not want to sleep in his bedroom and for generally making it difficult to have children. I’m really sorry that I let go of his pram that time you told me not too, but to be fair – you let him wear my Kiss Me Quick hat.


Thank you for teaching me to accept what I am instead of trying to change the things that I can’t. Thank you for always buying me what I want, especially when it’s another cuddly toy and I know I just have to make that face and you and Dad wil buy me a Woolly Mammoth.

Thank you for always fighting my corner and making those nurses and doctors cry, thank you for helping me to be brave, even now when it’s hard to be brave when I have to have another surgery. I wouldn’t have got all those bravery certificates from the hospital if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for all the times you slept in a crappy camp bed next to my bed so I wouldn’t have to be alone in hospital.

Thank you for my love of music and musicals, I wouldn’t love the Beatles and Rod Stewart if it wasn’t for you and I certainly wouldn’t know all the words to Hello Dolly and Funny Girl if it weren’t for you.

Thank you for never trying to make me eat foods I didn’t like (we won’t mention that time with the Shepherds Pie) and for always making me a different meal to what everyone else was eating. I’m sorry that I’m so fussy.

Thank you for all the cups of tea and all the times you cleaned up my sick, thank you for that time you made the P.E. teacher cry and made them stop making me and my disintegrating ankles do P.E.

Thank you for all the help and support you give to me and Neil, we will get a new washing machine soon, I promise.

Above all, Mum, on this Mothers Day thank you simply for being my mum.

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