I recently visited Bury Market in Manchester. Bury Market is an award winning market in Manchester in the North West of England, made up of a huge market hall and hundreds of stalls outside as well. The indoor market is open daily except Sunday and the outdoor market is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We visited on a Saturday so I was able to see the outdoor market as well. The market is famous for it’s black pudding stalls and let me tell you, I have never seen so much black pudding in one place in my life!


The market was really busy, if like me you don’t cope well in crowds then you should prepare yourself to be anxious and uncomfortable! Having said that, some parts of the market were much quieter than others, giving me a much needed breather now and then.

The market itself is a joy to behold – there are so many stalls selling so many different things, you would definitely need the best part of a day to see everything that is on offer here!

Mum got a new watch strap on the first stall we stopped at. It was attached to her watch in less than 2 minutes and cost less than a fiver!

I saw stalls selling the most beautiful fabrics, sari’s, giant knickers, rugs, carpets, all manner of different types of food and confectionary.

There were household products, brand named shop seconds, plants and even the odd Del-Boy type flogging “the best steam mops you’ve ever seen”. I picked up a few bits for myself including some cute rainbow hair ribbons and gifts for my husband and friends. I also picked up the fab pompom keyring featured on my new backpack in this post.

There was so much to take in here. The majority of the stall holders had a smile for you – especially if they thought you would buy something!

The inside of the market was impressive as well, it looked much like your traditional market hall inside with another abundance of stalls and things to buy – there were stacks of greeting cards, ornaments, jewellery and more meat and fish stalls and lots more black pudding.

Mum had a blast here, it was a shame we were flying back home as she would have purchased alot of pies and black pudding and other bits! We are going to try and go there later this year in the car so then mum can buy all the black pudding and pies she wants!

The highlight of the visit for mum, I think was when she stumbled upon a Winberry Pie  – apparently when she mentions them to people they look at her like she’s gone mad! So she was very pleased to find one, buy it and eat it later that day! We also took this photo to prove their existence!


We had a fascinating time at Bury Market, huge thanks to Mum’s cousin Sharon for taking us! Visit their website to plan your trip. Have you been to Bury Market? What did you think? Get in touch below.


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