I was recently gifted a fabulous new subscription box from The Legwear Co. It’s a subscription service designed to provide you with a source of sustainable hosiery.

The textile industry is the third biggest polluter of the planet, and hosiery often goes under the radar as a ‘throwaway’ ‘single use plastic’ item.

If we have the ability to change the outlook of an entire industry, why wouldn’t we?

The Legwear Co. is the product of 6 years research and development, we are working with the world’s leading yarn producers and hosiery manufacturers to create the best hosiery product on the market, in the most sustainable way possible.

The Legwear Co.

Looking after our environment is the topic on everyone’s lips lately. I really feel the Legwear Co. are really doing brilliant things right now.

We deliver three seasonally curated hosiery pieces every three months to the customer. Most hosiery products on the market are poorly manufactured and ladder or tear after just a few wears. This has a huge impact on the environment as the garment often ends up in landfill.

Our legwear pieces are designed to last and actually come with a 3-month warranty, which is a world first in our industry. We always let you try them first-time round, risk-free. Each subscriber receives their first piece totally free, just cover the postage. If you don’t like them, or if you need a different size, simply send them back within 28 days and we will refund you or replace them for the right size.

Each subscription box contains a prepaid returns label that gives you the chance to return any unwanted/old hosiery for us to recycle. This can be any brand, not just products purchased from TLC. We will then recycle this material and save it from ending up in landfill.

Our plan is to recover as much waste hosiery from households around the UK as possible. We continue to explore how we can use this waste to create our own yarn that can be re-manufactured into hosiery, creating a completely sustainable & vertical manufacturing process.

We are not just an eco-friendly fashion brand.

Our mission is to make the best quality hosiery tights you can buy. Cutting out the middleman and selling them direct to the consumer means we can also keep them affordable, even though they cost several times more than the average pair to manufacture.

I’ll be the first to confess that my tights go straight in the bin when they are no longer fit for purpose. I’ve never even considered recycling them or realised that I could. My granny used to repurpose her tights by using them for gardening!

I was really excited by the idea of a subscription box for tights. My mobility is limited so I have to rely on someone else to get me to a shop to buy new tights. I wear tights every day for work Often buying cheap and in bulk to ensure that I’ve enough pairs to last me until I can next get to a shop. The fact that with this particular subscription service I can get good quality, sustainable hosiery on a regular basis means I don’t have to worry about laddering my tights or sticking a fingernail though them!

They currently offer a Winter Edition (so, basically thicker tights with a heavier denier to keep your legs warm during the colder months) and it will set you back £34.99. You get 3 pairs of tights:

1. 50 Denier Eco Tight 

  • Uses environmentally friendly recycled yarns
  • Control brief technology acts similar to shapewear to help lift and tuck problem areas making you feel a million dollars
  • Made In Italy

91% Recycled Polyamide 9% Elastane

2. 60 Denier Moisturising Support Tight 

  • Moisturise as your wear – Aloe Vera and Vitamin E embedded in the yarn help moisturise the skin
  • Control brief technology
  • Made In Italy

88% Polyamide 12% Elastane

3. 120 Denier Moisturising Support Tight 

  • Moisturise as your wear – Aloe Vera and Vitamin E embedded in the yarn help moisturise the skin
  • Control brief technology
  • Made In Italy

92% Polyamide 8% Elastane

You get a free 28 day trial, if you don’t like them, you can cancel or if you need a different size they can replace them. They also are designed to be long lasting and durable and come with a 3 month warranty!

The packaging is simple and effective. It’s all recyclable too which is great and there’s no plastic either!

I tried the 50 denier eco tights – made from recycled yarns. I am used to wearing a much heavier denier so I was unsure how I’d get on with them. They were easy to get on, which is really important to me. My disability and hip replacement mean that I’m not very flexible and trying to get tights on can be a painful challenge. These pulled on easily. The stretch in them was brilliant and I was pleased with how they fit me and how they sat on my (Winnie The Pooh-esque) tummy. I wear tights for around 8 hours a day and sometimes this can be really uncomfortable. They didn’t dig in or roll down and I didn’t get a wrinkly excess of fabric around my knees or ankles!

Even though they were a lower denier to what I’m used too, I didn’t really notice. They sit nice and high over my pants, tummy and hips, which I really like.

I tried the other pairs of tights out as well over the next few days. Again they were really good quality and comfortable to wear. The other two pairs from the Winter Edition box are both a much heavier denier (60/120) and are also a support tight. They were both a little trickier for me to get on. As I already mentioned though this isn’t a design fault in the tights, but more a design fault in me!

They were comfortable to wear all day and fitted pretty nicely. Both pairs of the heavier tights were longer and they bunched around my knees a little as they day wore on. But I do have short legs so this may not be a problem for other people. They were also really soft against my skin. Sometimes when I take tights off at the end of the day, my legs can feel a little itchy and I didn’t notice this with either of the heavier denier pairs.

I’ve now washed all 3 pairs and worn one of the pairs again. They have washed well and haven’t stretched out or lost their shape which is really great. All of the pairs felt sturdy and I didn’t worry that I might stick a fingernail through them.

All in all, this is a great idea. The hosiery is really great quality and their core values are something I can really like. The price works out to around £11.00 a pair. This feels a little pricey but overall the quality of the packaging, product and general ethos makes it sting much less. Also I put high value on the fact I don’t have to worry about getting to a shop if I ladder a pair. I really like that they will recycle any and all hosiery as well. I’d like to thank The Legwear Co. for sending me a subscription box for my honest review.

Would you be interested in a subscription box like this? Get in touch below.

This product was gifted to me. My opinion is honest and my own.

4 thoughts on “The Legwear Co. Sustainable Hosiery by Subscription – Review

  1. I never knew tights could be recycled and admit to putting mine in the bin once they’ve worn out. These tights sound great and although I wouldn’t buy a subscription i would be interested if they offered the products individually at some point. Great review.

  2. They sounds brilliant, especially moisturising tights. Especially good to see different types. This would be perfect for people who constantly wear tights, I don’t normally until I lose this mum-tum but would look into them when I do need tights, but like Kim said above probably a one off. Good they was well as thats when I find they go out of shape etc. They looked good when I saw you xx

  3. Oh wow I never really thought about recycling tights… I always throw mine in the bin when they’re battered and old. I keep meaning to buy new tights and you posting about this has reminded me that I need to get some more. 😛

    I love the sound of this box, it sounds right up my street right now. 😀 The tights sound like such good quality. 😀 I always buy Primark or supermarket tights and whilst they last me ages, they’re also cheap feeling. xD


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