I recently signed up for the My Purrfect Gift Box, it is a monthly subscription box for cat lovers. Based on the Isle of Mann, it is a small husband and wife run company who as well as the gift box, operate a cattery. They donate a percentage of their profits to charity as well and each quarter they pick a new charity to support and then 5% of the profits from the gift box go towards helping cats across the country. How good is that?!

You may have guessed that they box is cat themed and each month a theme is selected and cat themed products are then selected to go into the box.

So there are a couple of options available, the first starts at £22.50 and contains 3 – 5 gifts for you. The second is £30.50 and as well as 3 – 5 gifts for you, you also get 2 – 3 gifts for your cat! You can also bulk purchase for discounts and sometimes previous boxes are for sale. Check out all the information at their website.

I went for the more expensive box as I wanted to treat my cats as well. The theme for my first box was Black Cats, fitting for October and Halloween. Black cats are beautiful, I have one called Bea but unfortunately they are associated with superstition and often get a pretty raw deal, they can be difficult to rehome so it is great that this box championed them!

The box is pretty big so if there is no one around to answer the door you may find yourself having to collect from the post office. Mallorie assisted me with the unboxing!


The contents are hidden in some purple tissue paper, wrapped with a ribbon and personalised gift tag – a really nice touch.


You get a little guide to the contents of the box inside, which details suppliers and things.

First up are some handmade black cat ornaments. they are made from wood and painted. You can buy them on Etsy from AllFromTheGarage. They have a real Halloween vibe to them and would make super cute Halloween decorations!

Next from the box should have been a cushion cover, but there was a little note in the box explaining that some knobhead had pinched the original artwork from Kim Haskins, they’d contacted her and explained and she had very kindly provided an art print for the box along with a discount code. It sucks when people steal art but My Purrfect gift box have dealt with the issue very professionally and the print is lovely!


Next is one of my favourite items in the box, a gorgeous cat bracelet. It’s a really simple design but so effective. I’ve been wearing it since I opened it actually! Subscribers also get a little cat themed pin – I’m a big pin addict so I loved this cute little addition to my collection.

There was an awesome black baseball cap in the box too, it has the feel of velvet to it and comes complete with cat ears and a little cat face!


There is a vinyl wall sticker in the box too, we are currentl redecorating some of our rooms so I will totally be using the sticker when we are finished! You can purchase your own from Yummy Art and Craft – a UK Etsy shop.


By this point of pulling things out of the box, the cats had started to get pretty excited – they knew that there was something in the box for them! They got a little Kilner style jar which you can fill with cat treats, a cute handmade felt spider toy from Tilly Pops and a Halloween catnip mouse from Etsy shop Krafty Kats UK. The cats went wild for the toys!

The spider and mouse were a big hit with my cats, Mallorie, Figaro and Bea have each had hours of fun playing with them.

All in all I am pretty pleased with my first box, you can unsubscribe anytime you like which is always good. The box had some really lovely pieces and it’s all sourced from the UK which I love. A lot of love has been put into the box and sourcing the items so it feels really special. This would be a really lovely gift for a cat lover as well.

You can follow My Purrfect Gift Box on Twitter and over on Instagram.

Do you get any subscription boxes? Would you get this one? Get in touch below.

3 thoughts on “My Purrfect Gift Box Review

  1. I absolutely love this box! What a lovely idea… I really like how you get a mix of items for you & for your cats too :3 that little felt spider toy is too cute! It looks like your cats had lot’s of fun 🙂

    The cat pin & the bracelet too are definitely my favourite items, they are so lovely! I can just imagine how delighted you were to find a pin inside your box, haha! I think it’s amazing that the couple who make the box also have a cattery and that they donate to cat charities :3 It makes me want to get this box even more! I’m certainly going to be suggesting it to some of my cat-mama friends <3 x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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