The lovely people over at Sockamore recently got in touch and offered to send me a pair of their awesome socks!

Sockamore are a Swedish company, they ship worldwide and have the most exceptional selection of socks I have ever seen! There are animal prints, patterns, food themed, stars, stripes and more. They have a selection of both mens and womens socks as well. Prices are in Euros and they often run free worldwide shipping promotions.


I always remember as a kid hating getting socks as a gift. Now I am pretending to be an adult, I love socks! I am proud to say that I don’t own a single pair of plain socks. Each pair has a pattern or a theme and I love them! My husband has a lot of socks as well. In fact, he has so many pairs that I have had to implement a one pair in, one pair out policy for when he gets more. Neil even has a sock subscription!

The pair I received from Sockamore are beige and covered in different coloured lightening bolts.

I have weird, horrible and wide feet. They also tend to get quite swollen (due to my disability). This can sometimes be tricky for me to find comfortable socks. The socks from Sockamore are comfortable and stretch nicely without distorting the pattern. I wore them all day and they didn’t become uncomfortably tight. They are made of a nice soft material and my feet felt cosy all day.

sock amore-socks-and-pink-velvet-shoes

Sockamore’s huge range really does cater for your every sock need. With more subtle patterns for everyday use and bolder, fun patterns for everything in between. You are bound to find your new favourite socks with Sockamore.

I’d like to thank the lovely people at Sockamore for sending me a pair of their socks in exchange for my fair and honest review! Don’t forget to head over to their website.

sock amore-socks-and-pink-velvet-shoes

Do you have a favourite pair of socks? Or are you one of those monsters who wears odd socks? Get in touch below.

2 thoughts on “Sockamore Swedish Socks – Review

  1. These are really cute socks, I like the brown colour! I am yet to own any in that colour and now I have a mighty need! ­čÖé I am gonna go check out the Sockamore website right now.

    I am indeed one of those monsters who wears odd socks hahaha! Although even though they are odd, I still like to pair together similar colours and designs. My favourite socks are a set of three that I got inside my first Pusheen Box subscription, a cookie themed pair, an ice cream sprinkles pair and a pizza pair x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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