I feel like I have spent a long time in my pyjamas, so leaving the house at the weekend felt like a momentous occasion to be documented. We popped out to our local Waterstones to browse the books and have a coffee. Here’s another OOTD


It miraculously didn’t rain last weekend so I didn’t need to put a coat on and it wasn’t as cold as it had been, so I didn’t feel like wearing a big heavy jumper.

My shirt was a find in TK Maxx in Blackpool the other month. TK Maxx can be really hit and miss and sometimes you have to look really hard to find a gem sometimes but it can be really worth it. My cardigan is from Lazy Oaf and it is as bold as it is beautiful.

I picked up the pinafore dress in store at Thunderegg Manchester . Bloody love a pinafore dress in winter – perfect with boots and a pair of wooly tights! I grabbed a Hello Kitty bobble hat to hide my filthy hair as well. A couple of very cute My Little Pony pins from Jade Boylan. added a bit of nostalgic fun.

I then wore my much hated orthopaedic boots, watch my before and after vlogs to learn about them. They are incredibly bright and colourful now!

All in all, it was a wildly colourful outfit on a rather grey day! Here is the full look.

Pretty understated right?

Are you fully embracing your winter wardrobe yet? Drop me a comment below.


6 thoughts on “Another OOTD!

  1. I LOVE this outfit. Been looking for the right pinafore dress for a while and can’t seem to find any… which is strange because it’s the season for them, right?

    I wish I could afford Lazy Oaf! They have such bright and beautiful clothes.

    Pyjama days are fun, until they turn into pyjama weeks, ey? I’m sure you brightened up many people’s day looking so beautiful, in such a bold and (almost) as equally beautiful outfit. xx

  2. Aww Estelle you always look amazing and so unique! 😀 The cardigan works so well with the whole outfit. 😀

    You seriously inspire me to get better cardigans for work. 😛

  3. Fabulous outfit lovely, as always you have the most wonderful style! Lazy Oaf cardigans really are so fantastic and eye-catching!! I wish they stocked them in bigger sizes, because I really want some! This one looks great on you 🙂

    The print on that shirt is so adorable! :3 I need those pins, wow they are lovely!! Your orthopaedic shoes look absolutely amazing all jazzed up! – Sarah x

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