Today’s post is a very festive guest post from the lovely Nat over at There Might Be Coffee


Christmas is less than two weeks away now and although I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, I know a lot of people who haven’t even started it yet!

One of the hardest presents I had to buy this year was something for my Secret Santa. They’re a lover of all things gin and definitely someone who is loved in my office, so I was pleased when I got her.

It took me ages to find the right gifts for her with a budget of £10… I may have gone over it by a couple of quid but sod it!

My collab post for Estelle was inspired by my struggles of finding gifts for gin lovers under £10, because I found so many amazing gifts for over £10 that gin lovers would really enjoy.

So if you have someone in your life who loves gin, keep reading. I hope my gift guide really helps you! I know I could have done with one a few weeks back.


* Stormtrooper Gin from Firebox – £49.99

Not only is this a great gift for someone who loves gin, but of course it’s great for Star Wars fans too! Last Christmas I bought my boyfriend the Stormtrooper decanter, which he loves to bits! These however are both smaller versions of the decanter, with one containing London dry gin, the other containing sloe gin. The bottles are both reusable too, so after you’ve finished the alcohol you could keep whatever alcohol you wanted in there. Granted these aren’t cheap, but would make a great gift for a significant other, siblings or parents.

* Not Terry’s Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur from Firebox – £29.99

There isn’t a more Christmas item to get for someone who loves gin than this, in my mind! To be fair I either know someone who loves gin and not Terry’s Chocolate Orange, or vice versa. I wish they wasn’t gin and instead vodka or Irish cream as I’d snap this up myself. 😛 This would make a nice gift to pop into a hamper as the bottle is so appealing to the eye and really stands out. I also feel that this would be a lovely gift to give to someone who loves making cocktails.

* Blueberry and Lemon Popaball Bubbles for Gin from Lakeland – £3.79

I’ve bought Popaball’s myself in the past to pop into alcohol, as well as just have in normal drinks and they are amazing! I love drinking bubble tea, which contain these. Basically you pop them into your glass and then obviously pour your chosen beverage on top. You have to use the straw provided in the box, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to suck up the bubbles. They pop inside your mouth and release their flavours. It’s quite the experience if you’ve never had them before. I’ve bought these for my Secret Santa as I know she’ll love them! You can get loads of different flavours, but the blueberry and lemon compliment gin really well.

* Unicorn Tears Christmas Gin Liqueur from Firebox – £19.99

If there is one gift that a gin lover would probably love to open on Christmas Day, it’s gin that not only tastes of Christmas, but is also shimmery! This is clearly also aimed at unicorn fans, but putting that aside the flavours of this gin make it sound like a Christmas pudding in a bottle. This is also limited edition and for £20 it is such a bargain in my eyes!

* Gin Pong Drinking Game from IWWOT – £9.99

I keep seeing this drinking game everywhere and although I’ve only played beer pong once, it was pretty fun at the time and I’d possibly play it again, if given the chance. This gin pong looks like it’d be a laugh for people to play at a Christmas party, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and even throughout the year! It’s the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

* Gin Infusion In A Jar Set from New Look – £9.99

If there’s a gift I’ve seen floating around websites and supermarkets it’s definitely got to be hands down gin infusion kits! Whether they’re in mixers, jars or just glasses, they are everywhere! I’ve looked at buying them for my Secret Santa, as well as my mom who has really been into gin this year. Out of all gin infusion kits I’ve seen, this is definitely one of my favourites. I love the little mason jar you get with it to infuse your gin, as well as the tools you get with it. With this kit as well you could also buy the recipients favourite gin to pair with it. Most of the kits I’ve seen come with a bottle of gin, which may not be to that persons liking. This is also a great price.

* Gin & Tonic Gin Balloons Candle from Flamingo Candles – £9.99

I’ve never bought a Flamingo Candle, but I have always wanted to. I’ve given them a sniff in the past in stores and they’re lovely little candles that pack a punch! I know if someone gifted me one of these for Christmas, I’d be over the moon! They have various gin scents, but I loved the look of the gin and tonic one the most. This would definitely make for a lovely Secret Santa or stocking filler.

* Pale Pink Save Water Drink Gin Slogan Bottle from New Look – £7.99

Since starting my admin job a year ago I have found that I LOVE a good water bottle and the bigger, the better! I know that gym lovers are always happy with a massive water bottle too and if they’re into their gin too, this gift will be perfect. Even though it’s encouraging you to drink gin, it does have measurements on one side of the bottle to let you know just how much water you’re drinking as the bottle empties. I know a lot of people for New Year’s try to be healthier by joining the gym, eating better and drinking more water, so this would make a great gift for someone who is always wanting to be healthier. Maybe someone in the office?

* Mi-Pac Gold Mini Backpack Gin from Tatty Devine – £34.99

I saw this backpack on the Tatty Devine website and I KNEW I had to include it into this list! I’m always happy to receive items like this for Christmas and I know to some this bag will be seen as tacky, but I think it looks so vintage and amazing! You can get matching purses/coin pouches too, which I always good. This would definitely make a great gift for someone whose studying, loves travelling or even wants a new bag for the gym. I feel like it’s also a really great price too, especially for Tatty Devine.

* SugarSin Dry Gin Fizz Gummies Pouch from Lakeland – £2.99

If you have a Secret Santa to buy for, like I did, or even wanting some stocking fillers, then these gummies will be great. These were something I looked into picking up when shopping for my Secret Santa but I wasn’t sure, as I know they’re trying to diet right now. They’re also great for office workers who like to have a snack (or two) as they do their work as these are alcohol-free!

So those are my 10 gift ideas for you if you have someone to buy for who LOVES gin! I really loved finding all these gift ideas and with my Secret Santa gift it has made me think, “Oh man I could have bought her this instead!”

I’ve tried to make sure that there are plenty of ideas for both men and women throughout the post, but what do you like the look of? Whether it be for a gift, or even for yourself!

I hope this guide helps you to gain some ideas of what you could buy. Better get items sorted soon, Christmas Day will be here before we know it.

1 thought on “10 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Gin – Guest Post from ThereMightBeCoffee

  1. This is an awesome gift guide! I know lots of people who love gin so this is really helpful 🙂 Even though it’s after Christmas now, these are some fabulous ideas for birthday presents too. Those stormtrooper decanters are soooo cool! That Gin Pong game sounds so fun as well! I love playing beer pong 😀 Ooo gin candles are a great alternative to buying actual bottles of alcohol, I’ve always wanted to try Flamingo candles myself 🙂 – Sarah x

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