I was due to be flying out to Orlando on May 2nd 2020. For our very belated honeymoon and my birthday. Sadly, due to current events this is no longer happening. I’m devastated for a number of reasons, one of which (yes, I know. I’m so shallow and materialistic) is that I won’t get to wear some of the amazing dresses I purchased especially for the trip. It seems a shame to waste their awesomeness, so read on to see what gorgeous dress I won’t be wearing at Disney World this year.

What Would I Have Worn?

If you are a fan of the BBC show Killing Eve, then you will recognise this print immediately! As soon as one of my favourite dress makers mentioned she had some of the fabric, I had to have this dress.

It’s from the amazing Christina at InterrobangArt. The fabric light and feels a bit like swimming costume fabric, it has metallic silver sparkles all over it too. It’s just amazing. My ears are from an Etsy shop – Laura’s Ears To Magic and are Robin Hood themed.

Next up are two gorgeous dresses I got from Hell Bunny they have a great range of 50’s style and alternative clothing. I love the shape of these dresses. They hide my chubby bits really well.

Each of these dresses are bold, bright and colourful. Also, THEY’VE GOT POCKETS. Which is all a girl is really looking for in a dress. They are knee length and zip up at the back. I paired the beautiful cloud dress (which I was planning to wear to Hollywood Studios for Toy Story land) with another set of ears from Etsy. Marie from the Aristocats themed! They are from AristoKat and are just perfect. I went for a matching set of Rainbow and Sequin ears I picked up at Orlando Airport last May.

Next up is another gorgeous dress from InterrobangArt.

It’s pink and it has dinosaurs on it. Oh yeah, it’s bloody well got pockets too.

Next up is what would have been my travel outfit. I wanted something comfortable and Disney themed. As we were going to be staying at Port Orleans, Riverside I wanted something Princess and the Frog themed. I found this Ray and Evangeline tee on Redbubble. It’s loose and baggy and the skirt material is really stretchy and comfortable.

I added some adorable Toulouse and Berlioz hair bows from Once Upon A Bootique and some rainbow pom pom Mickey earrings from Stephanie at  Frilly Pops Shop for some extra Disney Magic Points.

The next outfit was planned for some signature dining we had booked, we’d planned to do Extra Magic hours and the fireworks shows after dinner so I paired my Cath Kidston Alice In Wonderland denim jacket and a pink floral dress I got from Boohoo.

I added some matching floral Disney Ears that I got at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival last May.

This next dress is a proper Disney dress and came from The Dress Shop in the Magic Kingdom. Featuring Minnie and my fave Figaro I had to match it with my Figaro Loungefly bag, also from the Magic Kingdom last year.

The last dress I got was especially for Villains After Hours, we booked this hard ticketed event fairly recently as like a last minute treat. I was really excited for it. I matched this amazing Cakeworthy Lucifer button up shirt dress (purchased from Truffle Shuffle) with my favourite villain, Lotso in the form of an adorable baseball cap.

Picture all of those with freshly coloured hair, (no roots!!) and Disney themed nails. How good would I have looked at Disney World?!

We are hoping to rebook our holiday for next year, so hopefully all of my outfits will make their debut soon! Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up more cute dresses along the way? I’ll be sharing each of the outfits separately on Instagram over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow me there to keep up.

Don’t forget to check out my Disney OOTD post from last May as well.

Which is your favourite? Have you had to cancel a holiday or event? Let me know in the comments below.

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