Are you even in lockdown if you aren’t playing the latest Animal Crossing game? I decided to create an Animal Crossing new Horizons Tag to share the joy!

Welcome to the Estellosaurus Animal Crossing Island Getaway Tag

The rules are:

  1. Copy and paste the rules and sentence above. Answer the questions. Duh.
  2. Thank the person who tagged you, don’t forget to link to their original post/answers
  3. Tag 2 new people to take part
  4. Share your Switch Friend Code at the end if you want too!

Animal Crossing Island Getaway Tag 

Q1) What is your island called? Why did you pick that name?

Q2) Share a picture of yourself on your island

Q3) What hemisphere did you choose? Is it the hemisphere you are actually in?

Q4) Who is your current favourite resident? Who would be your ultimate dream resident?

Q5) What can you not do on your island that you wish you could?

Q6) Favourite season in game and why?

Q7) If you played New Leaf, what do you miss from that game that you wish had been taken across to New Horizons?

Q8) Favourite KK Slider song?

Q9) Favourite non resident character?

I’m tagging Eleanor, Elle and Amy if they’d like too!

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