The Geeky Girl Tag

The total babe that is Sarah over at Raiin-Monkey tagged me in this – head over to her blog to check out her answers! I’m not really sure how geeky I am to be honest, I’ve never thought about it! Anyway, here are my answers! 1. What is your must-have tech… View Post

Little Nightmares (PS4) – Review

Little Nightmares is one of a few games I treated myself too recently. It’s a platformer, puzzle game by Tarsier Studios for Bandai Namco. Originally announced in 2014 and titled Hunger, it wasn’t until 2016 that it got a name change. It was then released earlier this year. You may know… View Post

Limbo (PS4) – Review

The other weekend I decided I wanted to play something on the Playstation. I trawled through the online Playstation store looking for something that took my fancy. I eventually decided on a double game pack – Limbo and Inside both by independent studio Playdead who are also apparently working on… View Post