Today I’m showing you how I created a set of Christmas Jumper nails – Fair Isle style using a Mo-Yo London stamping set.

I used:


Mo-You London Festive Plate – 31
Mo-You London Crystal Clear Stamper & Scraper
Clear Top Coat
Mo-You London Cuticle Guard
Models Own Polish – Ebony Green
Mo-You London Polish – Winter Green
Rimmel Polish – My Precious
Nails Inc. Polish – King Edward Street
Mo-You London Polish – White Knight
Models Own Polish – Red Carpet

You can pick Mo-You Stampers and accessories via their website and a plate will set you back around £5.99. The stamper and scraper sets range in style and price, the Crystal Clear one, which is my favourite because you can see exactly what you are doing, costs £9.00 and comes with a scraper in a little box.

Before I started, I used the cuticle guard around each nail. It is a genius little product that you paint around your nails, it then dries and you can complete your designs and peel off the guard leaving a lovely tidy design.

I did one nail at a time to make it a bit easier on myself, starting with my little fingernail. I painted the nail with Mo-You – White Knight. Once dry I used Nails Inc. King Edward Street on my chosen pattern on Festive Plate 31, rolled the stamper across the plate and then transferred it to my nail. For more details on how I use the stamp, check out this post.

I repeated the process on the next nail using Models Own – Ebony Green as a base and Mo-You – Winter Green to create the pattern with the next pattern I’d picked.

For my middle finger I used Models Own – Red Carpet as the base with Mo-You White Knight for the pattern.

For my forefinger nail I used Rimmel – My Precious (which is one of the nicest gold polishes I’ve ever had) as the base and Models Own – Ebony Green for the stamped pattern.

Lastly, my thumbnail. I used Mo-You – White Knight as the base colour and Nails Inc. – Kind Edward Street for the pattern.

So, once each design had been stamped on, I carefully peeled the cuticle guard off each finger – it is quite alot of fun to peel off, like painting PVA glue all over your hand, letting it dry and peeling it off! It is really satisfying to see the mess erased! I then sealed it all with a clear top coat.


So there you go. This is a pretty easy process to create really intricate nail art that looks like you spent hours on it. My Christmas Jumper nails!


Have you got any Mo-You stamping plates? What do you think? Get in touch below.



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