A good Instagram friend of mine recently set up her own online shop creating pom pom accessories and the other week I got in touch with her to have some of my own custom pom pom goodies made!

I love a pom pom, my cats love them too and I’ve made pom pom cat toys for them in the past and it is my ambition to make a pom pom rug so I was unable to resist the tempation of the gorgeous woolly balls of goodness that Cass makes!

So, I got in touch with Cass at Wear A Rainbow and after explaining what I was after and sending some high quality and informative drawings (I know, I should have been a fashion designer right?!), Cass was able to perfectly interpret what I was after.

If you can’t quite understand my highly technical drawings, what I asked for was 2 elastic bobbles with pom poms on, an alice band with smallish pom poms across it and finally a fascinator style alice band with a cluster of poms to the side!

Cass asked lots of questions so she could fully understand what I wanted and I was given a colour choice, I mentioned I love pastel colours but I think she has a brilliant eye for design so I gave her free reign over the colours and overall design.

A few days later a message popped up to say they were ready! She even offered to photograph them so I could see them before she sent, I wanted it to be a suprise so Cass posted them straight along!

I was delighted to come home from work last week to discover a small parcel full of brightly coloured packages and a lovely, personal little note.


Cass had even put a very special extra in the bag! My very own pair of dangly pom pom earrings, which I have to say are just stunning, they are fun, cute, colourful and so well made.

They are a perfect size, not too big and not too small and the colours are fab.

The pom pom bobbles are a joy, perfect for space buns, pig tails and braids, they are a cute pastel pink which really compliment my current hair colour. They are heart shaped and again – so well made.

I think I will be heading back to Wear A Rainbow to commission some oversized pom pom bobbles as well as I love them with space buns!

The two alice bands are also perfect, one reminds me of a flower crown, but more cosy! The fascinator style one is a joy as well, the pom poms are packed nicely together with the colours complimenting each other. It is a really good size as well.

The cute pastel colours are really nice and look gorgeous together. The care that has gone into handmaking each item is really evident in the quality!

You can find Wear A Rainbow on Instagram and in the newly opened shop Wear A Rainbow and if you are looking for a cute hair accessories then I urge you to head over and have a look, talk to Cass and let her help you create the perfect pom pom accessory! There is also the cutest Halloween range – check out her Instagram to see the cutest pom pom ghost!

Cass at Wear A Rainbow was a joy to work with, she created my vision perfectly asking questions and setting a very fair price for her work, which then arrived really quickly and to a very high standard! I’m still finding sequins a week later! A huge thank you to Cass at Wear A Rainbow for interpreting my designs and creating unique, one of a kind pieces that compliment my ever changing hair!

What do you think? Get in touch below and don’t forget to check out Wear A Rainbow’s shop and Instagram!

2 thoughts on “Custom Pom Pom Accessories from Wear A Rainbow

  1. Oh wow! How gorgeous are these pom pom accessories!? I really love the pom pom hair band that’s similar to a flower crown style. The pastel colours are lovely! 🙂 They all look gorgeous on you. I’m not sure I could rock them quite a well as you can! I’m definitely going to check out this shop though! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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