I recently had a visit to Blackpool with my mum and dad to visit my little brother. As a coeliac, I tend to miss out on the fun, typical seaside holiday foods. I never get doughnuts, or fish and chips or anything like that. So when we found out that Bentley’s Fish and Chip Shop in South Shore, Blackpool do gluten free fish and chips I was very excited.

Bentley’s is a short walk away from the Pleasure Beach and South Pier so is in a great location. There is a small car park nearby as well as some on street parking. It can get pretty busy in this area though. There is a ramp up into the shop and you can either eat in or take away.

We opted to eat in. Once you find a seat and decide what you’d like. You go and order from the counter. It has all your typical fish and chip staples – sausages, pies, chips and gravy etc. It’s been a while since I had proper fish and chips at the seaside so obviously I went for your standard portion of fish and chips. We asked at the counter for them to be gluten free. The fish is fried in gluten free batter and fried separately. All of the chips are gluten free and fried separately as well. As with all places that aren’t completely gluten free, there is a risk of cross contamination.


The batter was light and crispy and the fish inside was really nice and flaky as well. The chips were amazing. Really tasty and like proper seaside chips. Nothing was greasy or oily and everything was lovely and hot. You could tell it had been freshly fried and hadn’t been sat around. I really, really enjoyed them.


A few days later, after Marks & Spencer had failed to have a non egg based gluten free sandwich again, my parents stopped at Bentley’s and I had a bag of chips for a takeaway lunch as well! I sat outside and scoffed the lot!

Bentley’s is a lovely, traditional fish and chip shop. Ideally located and easily accessible from South Shore you will get really tasty fish and chips here and it’s so nice for me to be able to have proper fish and chips gluten free. I will definitely be going again the next time we visit Blackpool!

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Do you like fish and chips? What are your favourite seaside treats?



3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Fish & Chips at Bentley’s, Blackpool

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you that you found gluten-free fish & chips! 🙂 The store looks so cool from the outside! I don’t see many fish & chip shops that still have that traditional style to them anymore, so it’s great to see! That table cloth with all the little fishes on is super adorable too 🙂 Omg the food looks amazing, I’m hungry now 😀 I’m so gonna check out Bentley’s some day, thankyou for sharing all about it! My favourite seaside treats are freshly made donuts, but fish & chips will always be one of the best things about visiting a seaside town for me! – Sarah x

    1. They were so nice. I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d missed proper fish and chips! Let me know what you think if you manage to visit! x

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